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  1. Summoner Pvp Tips

    Well I read your initial replay a bit wrong (thought you were telling me to mash my buttons to win). No one ever wants to attack while I have seed up, they just stun me instead or switch to my pet or wait for it to end. There are some attack which wont trigger it either, I need to figure out which ones don't but it a bit hard to know what to look for when everything is going on.
  2. Summoner Pvp Tips

    Sounds like I should just quit then since I cannot faceroll my keyboard, thanks for the reply.
  3. So I cannot beat most of the classes, any summon have any tips for them: Assassins stay stealthed while they hit me and never come out of it and force master just root me and heal back up. I'm at a complete loss, perhaps my build is bad but I'm just not sure what I'm doing wrong.

    Soha lagged for 5 mins and died, someone spilled coffee on her server, just wait it out.