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  1. Naughty Jinsoyun! you can't rise to power like that!
  2. I switched to fire completely, but i do still have a decent amount of shadow gear when i do want to switch, one skill that is vital is Scorched Earth, you seem to lack to use it alot. From my experience, major dps boost comes from your accessory procs.. your bracelet and badge should proc higher damage upon successful scorched earth or triple shot. If i recall correctly i dont remember what procs on which but its either triple shot or scorched earth one of those. you should utilize V in your rotation atleast.
  3. I'd love to see old dungeons back also. Sundred Nexus was my favorite dungeon to do, most fun mechanic dungeon you have to follow which felt oddly satisfying. Going through 3 dungeon levels to get to final boss and having to coordinate "kite" role and tank role. Pure 100% MMORPG feel. Honestly the only dungeon that actually felt like a real dungeon and not mindless DPS.
  4. So... This is probably my fault, but i was NOT aware nebula stones only work until stage 1-6.. I think thats kind of messed up especially for Dawnforged and Raven players who bought EXTRA stones why can't we just have stage 1-9?? If you want to promote an weapons upgrade and close the gap between high geared players and casual players Let us atleast upgrade all the way to stage 9 atleast? Thoughts? or i'm just asking for too much
  5. Since Devs are constantly reviewing feed back, i want to put to concern that although draken accessories are now easier to obtain using draken cores, Why can't we get elemental accessories with draken cores as well? In the endgame, people prefer Elemental Accessories over certain legendary draken accessories like (e.g.) Immortality Earring. its sort of an useless grind to run Naryu Sanctum, Desolate Tomb, Ebondrake Lair, etc to get purple elemental accessories when most players running around with Aransu, Raven, etc. equipment do not need them and never bid any copper on it at all.
  6. This game used to be rated 18+ so idk what you expected lol. but anyways, i cant justify loli stuff but if you're complaining on sexualized content, then you completely missed the whole purpose the game caters to
  7. send a ticket, and report it as scamming, the devs could give you back your gold since you do have the name of the person, and how much gold exactly you saved up and sent!
  8. Most likely you will have to buy the new one seperately, they said you can still buy the old bundle before the new ones come. So there will most likely be 2 Versions of that bundle
  9. I was actually planning on buying the bundles from F10 Cash shop once Gunslinger launches. But i luckily watched stream, and @Liinxy stated on the twitch stream the bundles will be changed I'm interested specifically in the Duelist bundle, What exactly are the changes for this particular bundle?
  10. The only guns that actually look like guns xD
  11. I actually thought future raids, WAAAAAAY back when Bloodshade and E-Fleet 24 mans were the big hot spot, when you can just enter the portal and be thrown into a random channel with people until the whole channel was filled _______ out of 24 players that future incoming raids like; -Midnight Skypetal -Skybeak Spire -Dawn of Khanda That these Would have the same function like BSH and E-Fleet with random matching... but instead we're forced to pre-create alliances before we enter or we will just be thrown into an empty channel with you, and no one else and that's
  12. Shift + Left Click your weapon, and look for the option 'Salvage'
  13. Hi! Welcome back! 1. Your weapon path is not upgradeable anymore, Salvage your weapon and it will give you a new weapon and you can continue upgrading that weapon! (new path is less gold, and less stages so i encourage you to salvage weapon) 2. Just continue your story line, you haven't really missed any major changes to equipment (except weapon path upgrade)
  14. Theres no Male presence!!!!! heres my male gunner lol
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