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  1. I'm sorry, but this story to me doesn't make any sense. In just a month you're already scraping HM 22, reached 2400ap, acquired the INSANE AMOUNT OF GOLD AND MATS TO REACH THAT POWER? You must've found some insanely generous whales who carried you thru literally everything and let you have everything. You also spent 2700 keys (+$1300) on trove as soon as it rolled out? Jesus. Even if this is true, this is unrealistic for the average player to achieve. You just got super lucky.
  2. Somehow I feel like Panda Village mobs were supposed to drop actual gold bricks you can sell to npc (like the ones we get from dailies) given how all the enemies are carrying a backpack obviously filled with gold, they use gold to attack you and there's gold laying around everywhere but it was a last minute decision to change it and now it drops the ever-so-disappointing and boring peculiar chests. Raw gold would definitely be something worth fighting for, but these chests? Nah bro.
  3. Dexyn


    Tried stage 4 yesterday for myself with and without the event weapon, I tried 3 times without weapon and max dps I was able to achieve was 1.11m dps. With weapon it was 1.09m dps and i tried twice. No I could not clear it, my gear is in my sig in case you're wondering. This even is a joke. Those who are able to clear this have no need for the GC soul shields 1-3 or the basic Octa gems you can buy this this currency, it's retarded.
  4. Go here: https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/game/legacy-of-the-hongmoon-clan/ Log in and go to My Account > Settings > Apply a Code and click on the Blade and Soul tab. Maybe you need to activate your premium like that.
  5. 370 Pet Pods for max Talisman. I've played extensively for half a year, all my Pet Pods came from events with rng boxes and lucky premium daily caches. 18 total Pet Pods, which was just enough to upgrade my Awakened Pet into the next stage. Let that sink in for a while.
  6. You can buy pet from merchant of wonder in RSC, but we shall see when it comes out. Don't rush and buy any cheap pet on the market now only to find out later they don't count towards the free stats. Maybe the stream today will showcase it. Keep an eye out.
  7. No, once the patch comes out you have to claim it in the redeem code section of your account, then it'll go to your item claim in game where it'll sit there till you use it. Some people still has their lv 50 boost from when Warden came out, so no worries.
  8. Save the boost, keep leveling your summoner you have more than plenty of time to finish the story and level it up some more. If there's another class that peaked your interest after awakening then use the boost if you're confident. There are rumors of a new class coming out later (Archer), but it's only a rumor and I'm holding my boost for that if it ever happens, but that's just me.
  9. If you enjoy the class then by all means go for it. There are no unfavorable classes for most if not any situation. There are some classes that are preferred in dungeons more than others (mainly Warden because they fill the tank and Soulburn spot) but that doesn't take away from other classes. Keep leveling your Summoner, it's a good class. There's always room for every class in dungeons and raids, plenty actually. Basic dungeons require (not really) just 1 tank and 1 Warlock (or just 1 Warden) and the rest can be anything. Doesn't mean you can't beat dungeons without a tank class or Soul
  10. Regarding the legendary soul badges, do they have to be awakened to exchange them? They can't just be Eon Soul Badge or Limitless Soul Badge? You need it to be awakened to exchange them?
  11. Check your Overflow Inventory, empty it and try again. Also make sure you have at least 2 rows open in your inventory before opening boxes or spinning the wheel.
  12. I'll just say we'll be here waiting for you to return (and you better ) Good luck you glorious person!
  13. Yes, all preview image will show 3 sockets by default. I can't imagine the outrage someone with 8 sockets upgrading their weapon and having it turned into a 3 socket.
  14. Negative. In fact the opposite may happen. The 3 sockets in the preview image is just a stock image. Sockets cannot decrease during upgrade, there's a chance once you upgrade you'll get the final 8th slot. Nothing to worry about.
  15. Dexyn

    Hong bug

    I think you walked behind him just as he started sucking you up screwed that mechanic up.
  16. It's to be expected, it's not as amazing as the weapon and soul upgrade event. Thank God the heart isn't as long as the soul (yet...) but I digress. Do not buy the nebula stones with event tokens, you will get those by just doing the dungeons and you'll have enough of it by the end so don't worry. Best value for the tokens are either the hepta gem tickets if you're behind on your gems or sacred vials. Least that's the way I see it. Don't spend your tokens till event is over especially if you plan on getting the hepta tickets, because the merchant of wonder can drop octa gems making your h
  17. I think the term "Pay to win" is outdated. Literal "pay to win" games would be like Wonderland Online where the best gear are in the cash shop and cannot be acquired any other way except by buying it with premium currency (which also cannot be earned in-game) or having someone else buy it and sell it to you (usually at obscenely high in-game price). Not to mention the materials needed to upgrade these gear are ALSO only available in the cash shop. This game is closer to a "optional pay to progress", nothing that grants progression is locked behind a paywall and the grind is very ve
  18. Find an active clan with friendly people (preferably those that have their own discord) and you won't have to worry much about the dungeons if you befriend them since they'll carry you no problems.
  19. Yes, premium is best value. Last year during my 3 month premium period I hit the premium bonus tiles on the daily dash a lot of times and 5 times it gave me 2 brilliant venture tokens which gives a whopping 740 HM Coins together (~$9) so in that 3 months just from that I already got my money back plus more and still had half a month of premium left.
  20. Well, if you're willing to spend some cash, first and foremost get 3 months of premium ($35) it's invaluable if you're going to play for a long time. The reduced fee on upgrading gear and extra gold/exp/rewards from daily challenge alone makes it worth it, everything else it gives is just to sweeten the deal even more.
  21. Completely free to play? You'll need to dedicate hours everyday for months I believe. Unless you have a nice clan to carry you through dungeons and BT, it'll be a rough grind when you hit max level/finish the story. You'll get the starting gear at the end to help you on your way but it's going to be rough. Some events can help you more than others though, just need to hope the next event is good. You planning on playing the Warden class?
  22. Maybe you pressed ctrl + alt? It brings up a wheel with emotes.
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