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  1. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    I'll just say we'll be here waiting for you to return (and you better ) Good luck you glorious person!
  2. Yes, all preview image will show 3 sockets by default. I can't imagine the outrage someone with 8 sockets upgrading their weapon and having it turned into a 3 socket.
  3. Negative. In fact the opposite may happen. The 3 sockets in the preview image is just a stock image. Sockets cannot decrease during upgrade, there's a chance once you upgrade you'll get the final 8th slot. Nothing to worry about.
  4. Hong bug

    I think you walked behind him just as he started sucking you up screwed that mechanic up.
  5. It's to be expected, it's not as amazing as the weapon and soul upgrade event. Thank God the heart isn't as long as the soul (yet...) but I digress. Do not buy the nebula stones with event tokens, you will get those by just doing the dungeons and you'll have enough of it by the end so don't worry. Best value for the tokens are either the hepta gem tickets if you're behind on your gems or sacred vials. Least that's the way I see it. Don't spend your tokens till event is over especially if you plan on getting the hepta tickets, because the merchant of wonder can drop octa gems making your hepta tickets potentially a waste.
  6. Blade and Soul IS NOT PAY TO WIN

    I think the term "Pay to win" is outdated. Literal "pay to win" games would be like Wonderland Online where the best gear are in the cash shop and cannot be acquired any other way except by buying it with premium currency (which also cannot be earned in-game) or having someone else buy it and sell it to you (usually at obscenely high in-game price). Not to mention the materials needed to upgrade these gear are ALSO only available in the cash shop. This game is closer to a "optional pay to progress", nothing that grants progression is locked behind a paywall and the grind is very very real. Solo casual f2p players with 1 main and maybe just 1 toon be damned, they are a dying breed. I'm sure there are some out there that managed to do good but overall most just abandon the grind around Raven 3. Because the term "pay to win" is outdated everyone seem to have their own interpretation of it. I mean who can blame em? Times have changed, look at the people who think there are more than 2 genders for instance.
  7. Blade and Soul IS NOT PAY TO WIN

    Quoted for truth.
  8. Hey, potentialy returning player here.

    Find an active clan with friendly people (preferably those that have their own discord) and you won't have to worry much about the dungeons if you befriend them since they'll carry you no problems.
  9. Hey, potentialy returning player here.

    Yes, premium is best value. Last year during my 3 month premium period I hit the premium bonus tiles on the daily dash a lot of times and 5 times it gave me 2 brilliant venture tokens which gives a whopping 740 HM Coins together (~$9) so in that 3 months just from that I already got my money back plus more and still had half a month of premium left.
  10. Hey, potentialy returning player here.

    Well, if you're willing to spend some cash, first and foremost get 3 months of premium ($35) it's invaluable if you're going to play for a long time. The reduced fee on upgrading gear and extra gold/exp/rewards from daily challenge alone makes it worth it, everything else it gives is just to sweeten the deal even more.
  11. Hey, potentialy returning player here.

    Completely free to play? You'll need to dedicate hours everyday for months I believe. Unless you have a nice clan to carry you through dungeons and BT, it'll be a rough grind when you hit max level/finish the story. You'll get the starting gear at the end to help you on your way but it's going to be rough. Some events can help you more than others though, just need to hope the next event is good. You planning on playing the Warden class?
  12. Maybe you pressed ctrl + alt? It brings up a wheel with emotes.
  13. "Mech"

    By top 3 I meant the top 3 dungeons on the dungeon list in F8. Don't tell anyone it's your first time doing it as most will jump ship if its the higher up dungeons. Everything below Starstone Mines you can get away without knowing mech. Everything above you probably won't get off that easy. But for real you've never been on F8 before? How have you been completing your dailies and letter quests then? It's hard to imagine being 1.1k Ap only spending $50 and has never touched F8 before. Mostly what people see first is: HM Level > Ap > Weapon > Accesories. If its BT you are looking for there are numerous pugs that do it everyday so it won't be a problem getting into those. Mech for those fights are crazy easy you probably won't have to do anything but dps most of the time. All the fights can be cleared with 2-3 people dead most of the time so don't worry too much and just join anyone lookin' for a pug.
  14. "Mech"

    Youtube > Search dungeon guide. Easy way to learn mech with no stress. I'm assuming you want to do the top 3 dungeons. Mechs take like 1-2 runs to actually get down by heart. Boss rotation and attacks should be memorized too even if you aren't tanking.