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  1. Old Man cho Clan help

    Cerulean are in a sad state on this server. It's very one sided. Another reason this game is becoming derp. :P Never heard of any good Cerulean clans here...
  2. Old Man cho Clan help

    Hello, There are definitely some good clans to look into on our server. Look into Chosen, Masters, Blue Dream, and Rage Quit are notable clans to join. I myself am apart of Masters and it's currently full with 80 members. Good luck in your search!
  3. Ok, at least on my server, there are only 2 channels in Misty Woods. This condensing of the channels has also condensed the bot population which makes it MUCH easier to track them. WHY THE HELL ARE THEY NOT BEING BANNED THEN!? Shit's not hard to see these bots and ban them. Come on. They are EVERYWHERE. Can't even finish the faction dailies. NCSoft.... stop being lazy... do your job >.< Yes, I am flamed. Thank you.
  4. So... Why did this happen? (Premium Rank)

    lol They must not want people to reach rank 10 xD Oh well haha, nothing horrible I guess
  5. So... Why did this happen? (Premium Rank)

    Um ok well I guess I can not post links because it turns into that weird ass box, and I can not edit my post because the forum must be in the crapper right now. Wut... Got it to work finally. Here is the link for your reference: http://www.bladeandsouldojo.com/topic/139533-new-premium-point-analysis-premium-point-costs-increased-for-each-premium-level/
  6. At some point, I am trying to figure out when this occurred, the EXP required to go from premium rank 9 to rank 10 has increased by 330%. That is from 183,999 points to 616,00 points. That is about $800 needed to reach rank 10 from when it used to be about $230 dollars. With NA's current exchange market that is 1600 gold. Why did this happen? Why did they implement such an unrealistic greedy change? When the hell did this happen? This disappoints me further and I thought I could not be disappointed further... Here is a link for further numbers and reference:
  7. Lag LatinoAmerica (Argentina)

    Usas WTFast?
  8. Thank you for your input, but we are not looking for a defensive position for the crap in this game :) OP is looking for an answer to his question which is not too relevant to what you say. You know this game released in 2012? So the bugs and optimization issues should have been LOONG fixed.
  9. It would be nice to know if the other versions also had as many optimization problems as our NA version does. As we are in 45 content... did the 45 content version of the KR game have as many huge optimization problems as NA? This would be very nice to know please. :) It will give some insight on the optimization problems being more of a NCWest problem or a NCSoft problem.
  10. Screen shaking effect, please make it stop!

    The hell you guys not notice this shake. I am a KFM, I hate the damn screen shake so much!
  11. Bad Community, why?

    Also, keep in mind it is a HUGE NA thing to be this toxic. From my encounters with people playing these games in Japan or KR, you receive a hell of a lot less toxic interactions. Asian culture has a much higher sense of honor and respect. Asian races are very "community" or "collectivist" oriented in contrast to NA's "individualistic" culture. This is why me and many others who play games within Asian servers you wont get NEAR as much troll and horrible gross comments as you do in NA servers. You will hardly ever see some random fool switching the group to master loot to steal the loot or jack up the price on an item auction to fish for more gold, or afk in a group. This is why we did not see any group member kick function or a different mechanic when it comes to changing loot rules. It simply hardly ever happens due their cultural standards. Countries that have a much easier time with racial and ethnic identity tend to have much less problems in crime rates/*cricket* rates. There is a much more strong "in-group" mentality which has people work with each other instead of against each other. If any of you reading this thinking how much of an idiot I sound like, you can look up many studies on Asian collectivist culture compared to NA's (or western cultures) individualistic culture. It's very eye opening to see what happens when many groups of people from different back grounds is brought together in an area. I will provide a link to one such article... there are plenty of these. Anyway, the gist of what I am saying is that NA is too much in conflict with too many ideologies too many different beliefs... creates competition and creates an in-group vs out-group mentality WITHIN their same country. Maybe this is why shit never gets done or takes way too damn long huh? FYI I am a white American, not asian... So I hope you see I have no reason to be bias for Asian cultures over NA culture :) http://www.studentpulse.com/articles/385/effects-of-collectivistic-and-individualistic-cultures-on-imagination-inflation-in-eastern-and-western-cultures
  12. Forum Mod

    You have yet to prove otherwise other than provide a link to jobs for NCWest... which none of those people will be able to rework the game in depth as they will have no experience with Blade and Soul coding/design... which is all coded by Koreans who speak/code in their language. Not going to be easy for some random dev in NA, even if they do know Korean fluently... they still had nothing to do with the in depth designing of the game. Not salty at all I just choose to stay away from distasteful posters as you will see in the above quote. xD You provide too many non value added comments with limited concrete input. You say " But you must also respect the opposition. " though as you can see you show little to no respect in every one of your posts. Shoot you could be the coolest flipping dude IRL, but you really lack writing/debate/forum etiquette, that is what I mean as "distasteful". Doesn't make you a bad person. Anyway, no salt, just bye. :O
  13. Bad Community, why?

    Definitely not saying you will be joining a pit of darkness when deciding to choose online gaming as a hobby... I am saying toxicity is in ALL gaming communities and will be experienced at some point of time while doing something relevant to that game/hobby. I do not like to speak in absolutes, but I have yet to experience a non toxic community from an online video game yet :P So I say "all" Like in real life, there is good and bad shit everywhere... good can not exist without bad and bad can not exist without good... because without one of those variables, well it just becomes a paradox. So as humans, we adapt. See it for what it is and make your own little world from it by finding those people who aren't toxic. Band up, and fkuc the rest. Because what is better than having that in-group in this situation? ;)
  14. Bad Community, why?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Look... the internet is a toxic waste of bad communities everywhere. Online games definitely has a super concentrated amount of these type of people. Notice how I did not single out MMORPGs, because literally every online game I have played with a community has ALWAYS had toxic people I run into EVERY day. That is the nature of internet and its ability to have users be anonymous. Look.... NOBODY HERE will EVER get away from "toxicity" in a gaming community. Video gaming is NOT an "intelligent" hobby. So you will get... well you know... that quality of people. Have fun, stay positive!
  15. Pirate wep and new patch

    Oh, the Hongmoon tree should continue when level 50 content releases, at the same time the Siren/Pirate tree will disappear. Siren/Pirate tree will most definitely be around for March 2nd content! Good luck :)