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  1. @Mallior - First off, I simply stated my opinion and feedback from my experience + many other players'. The other person made it his business to say "it's a load of crap", so the toxicity didn't start with me calling people and their post derogatory names. I've mentioned no names of any players or say anything negative to anyone, just my frustration. Tell the other person to keep things to himself if he can't say anything civil. Many people I've talked to said the game was fine/good up until level 45. But at 50 now, it's very expensive (time needed and gold or real cash-money) need
  2. Then you try crafting the transformation stones required to upgrade and see how that goes. And it's not trolling, champ, it's frustration with how this game is designed compared to others. The people I've talked to in-game that try to craft and upgrade are just as frustrated--that ones that don't have the time or money to buy NCoins or have low ping to farm quartz they need to craft them--I speak for them too; people from S.America, Brazil, and Argentina. I've played with them and talked to them. If what I said is a load a crap, why are you responding to it?
  3. Agreed with the drop rate. I had to farm ShadowStrike for weeks to get 1 of the 3 items to drop. It's just STUPID what they make players go through to keep them coming back and putting time into doing something that will result in diminishing returns in terms of enjoyment (or lack there of since stuff doesn't drop). Another thing NCSoft needs to look at is the the upgrades and crafting. Even at 50, people are still having trouble upgrading their weapon and accessories with Moonwater Transformation stones and the gold it costs to upgrade it. It takes too many Soulstones and quartz j
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