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  1. That sounds good on paper, but in reality you''ll have a really hard time finding a good guild that fits best for your schedule. I'm talking weeks to months, in which by that time new content will be out... so you're just mostly left to flipping over tables until you find some insane reason to stay throwing yourself onto this massive grind wall. I say this because this fall coming up will make it 10yrs of MMO gaming for me, and I'll tell that guild idea is thrown around too much to be relevant, for anyone. @Thread I'm at 492 AP 50%crit 63k HP, took me 3 weeks to go from True
  2. You can, its a loss in LMB dps but you can work around it with dragon blaze spam as a filler. It also makes it easier for me to stack flame orbs with a warlock's SB buff faster. so its a 50/50 for me if in feeling lazy one day or i'm way too overgeard for my PUG's DPS/Tank. Here's my build: https://bnstree.com/FM/pub?build=5005000255322564239431238332503238032106332513323533266332412211033263212493223922237322431141011 I can play around with Heatwave, fury skills and de taunt RMB skill points as needed. But for the most part T3S2 LMB is the go to LMB path for ''
  3. I got one thing to tell you: (Also faction pvp in a nutshell)
  4. I'll just leave this here: R.I.P FM, well at least for me. I'm done with this class and pvp entirely. I refuse to climb over any more mountains for decent results.
  5. lvl 45 cap is not FM's time to shine patch, we're not pure pve. Once we get proper legendary skills we'll be a lot better off. Yes as I said before it's doable to be decent on a FM and make it to top 50 but definitely not worth the struggle for most players right now, when there are other classes that can get the same results for way, and I do mean wayy less effort. Look at it this way, you can drive a car with your feet if you wanted too, but that doesn't make it a good idea. Same applies to FMs this lvl cap. Once we unlock impact legendary, its a whole new ball game. Block melee skills 0.5
  6. Welp, time for naughty web sites *takes off boxers*
  7. I wish BDO would at least give a free trial, one week, two days, lvl 20 or something, before they make buy the game. I'm fan of spending my money on games too. To me it's a hobby more so than a thing I do. So i'm not mad at all that's its not free, just want to take a peek to see what's all the hype for.
  8. YOU SAID IT BROTHER! BLADE & CAVE ONLINE IS AWFUL! If I have to kill one more PIRATE! Hear one more DEFENDED! Brother Hajoon send me one more DIRTY FLYER! Quietly burn to death alone in one more HALLWAY! Sit at one more 2 minute LOADING SCREEN! Quest Google map leads me to one more CAVE! Fall to my death because server decides to derp my WINDSTRIDE! Get T-Bagged by one more summoner cat in pvp! IF IT FITS, I SITS! IT REALLY STINKS DOWN THERE! PLEASE BATHE YOUR CATS! I'M GOING RAGE AND FLING DEADLY RUBBER BANDS AT NCSO
  9. I'm getting along with the bots pretty good right now, free pvp kills and what not. Idk for how long tho. I'll prob give this game another few weeks maybe.
  10. Dxtory for recording and if you're really lazy use windows movie maker for editing. I've been using it for years on my gaming channel(kinda retired, no more big projects) and i've never looked back:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9VwIg_EMP0J6vtETz6JEyQ It's the internet you can get anything if you look hard enough.
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