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  1. *watches people iframing strong boss attacks succesfully* "omfg *cricket*ing god mode hacks that's impossible, they are all hacking" also - pretty sure what that other dude said was right, that with some of those aoe's there seems to be a limit to how many players they can hit at once, or something just totally glitches out the mechanic. I think if there was an actual hack that caused it, you'd be seeing it a bunch everywhere. as for whether or not it's bots... well it's really hard to tell for sure. as fishy as their movements seem, a lot of people get pretty mechanical when they get into a grind/farming mode, so a large group of people hardly talking while they all just kill a boss and switch channels asap to kill another one isn't that unusual. the main thing about the video that's unusual to me is the sheer amount of summoners. if it was just a huge group of normal players, you'd expect to see a lot more variety.

    lmao, removal of power drop was a buff... for any decent KFM and hellfire kick wasn't made available by critical swift strike at any time that I remember, it was always iron shoulder tier 3 stage 2, tiger strike, and critical leading palm. maybe you're mistaking it for cyclone kick (F), which triggers after critical swift strike or tiger strike, successful dash resist, or after shin kick. (unless you have 0 points into it)

    some people had things disappear out of their inventories after yesterdays patch but that still wouldn't explain your friend seeing your character logged in idk i'd say maybe you visited a shady site and got keylogged but even in that case idk how they'd get your 6 digit PIN...
  4. Game crashes before launch - post patch

    I had to leave the chroma SDK process running for the launcher to completely open the game, and the chroma setting is under game -> camera -> mouseover options (make sure that setting is turned off) I was still getting some random DC's though (for some reason every time I was fighting namsung at the dreadtide arena, it'd crash) so I restarted, left the chroma SDK process running to get the game to open all the way, and then once ingame used the task manager to stop the chroma SDK process, and it's been running for awhile now with no crashes after doing that. I seriously hope they either remove gameguard or that it gets updated to work properly for people who use razer products (and all the other things it currently has issues with). 'cause right now it's doing a lot more harm than good for the game.
  5. Game crashes before launch - post patch

    worked for me as well. I don't think you have to close it either, as long as the "enable chroma keyboard" setting in the options isn't switched on.
  6. BnS crashs after I click play now.

    Getting the same error, can't launch the game after todays update. First time having an issue launching the game. edit: the game opened normally for me when I left the razer chroma SDK process running. weird.
  7. So, seeing as the spammers and bots are such an issue... can NCSoft please get rid of gameguard already? It's obvious it's pretty much useless... I'd really love to be able to use the ingame chroma keyboard option, and who knows the amount of people who've been turned away from the game after having it crash on them only 10 minutes after getting ingame, after spending hours and hours in queue. gameguard does nothing but hurt the game.
  8. Free Queue players.

    I absolutely love this game, and there's friends I want to recommend it to but I haven't yet, because I won't know what to tell them when they go to log in and it says they have to wait 5+ hours. maybe I could convince them to wait the queue out by telling them all about how great the game is, but what if their computer has one of the many different things that triggers gameguard, and their game crashes quickly after all of the wait in the queue then i'd just feel like I wasted their time, and might've ruined the chances of them playing even if they would have later.
  9. I have to say #3 but I also have a really strong preference for light hair with gold, green, or brown eyes. #2 is also pretty nice imo
  10. Gold sellers

    in my experiences with other games, many if not most gold spammers don't actually sell gold. they get you to visit their website and from there they infect your computer or have you enter your data if you are foolish enough anyways, it's basically like a phishing scam. there was gold sellers even in head start lol, when there's no way they would've had much of anything to sell.
  11. I understand your pain. remade my destroyer just to get my kfm on the top
  12. Hacker found in PVP where to report?

    I wouldn't have expected someone who got a decent name to be risking losing it like that But yeah looks like a lot of people are saying the same thing about the same dude so... sucks for them lol On a side note - when I was having practice duels in the arena with my girlfriend, she loaded in slowly a few times and once I was already attacking her when her screen finished loading. So yeah, entirely possible if someone loads into the arena slowly.
  13. I cant do this any more

    hmm or he's using some razer stuff and hasn't read about the issues with it yet
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of the technical issues people have been having with this launch, would have been avoided if they had just left gameguard out. Kinda sucks having to put a computer that cost thousands at risk just to play a game. Especially when you consider how gameguard is essentially useless for its intended purpose.
  15. yeah, it's not like we all live in a small country the size of korea where all of the internet infrastructure is fiber optics and high quality. if they are going to ban people for ping reducers, then most canadians would have to give up on high end competitive play. Even a lot of people who are still within the USA are still using wtfast or something similar, because the thing about NA is that a lot of the NA ISP's don't provide a very good routing service, probably most NA ISP's, and a lot of people end up using wtfast to bypass their ISP's crappy routing, even if they don't live too far away from the servers. This really needs to be addressed ASAP.
  16. They really need to clarify whether wtfast and other ping reducers are against the rules, because with a competitive pvp based game in a large geographic area like NA, it's pretty important. Plus it's sort of been implied at times that ping reducers weren't against the rules, and i'm sure a LOT of the player-base is using them.
  17. This is why people should've listened to everyone who posted in the "remove gameguard" thread in beta, they all had a lot of valid points.
  18. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    Was crashing over and over again within 10-15 minutes of being in the game, using a razer blackwidow chroma keyboard + razer mamba chroma mouse. Did some troubleshooting, the game crashes quickly with either the Razer SDK Service or Razer Game Scanner running. The razer game scanner caused the game to crash a lot quicker than the razer SDK service. The SDK service can be closed in the task manager processes tab, while the Razer Game Scanner can only be disabled from the services tab. The game's been running fine for hours now with synapse open. The only problems are the Razer SDK service and the Razer Game Scanner. Good luck on a fix soon, 'cause the razer SDK service is needed to use the ingame chroma option which is actually pretty cool to use.
  19. Razer Synapse & GameGuard = Crash

    Slowly turned some things back on to try to eliminate what was causing issues. It's the razer game scanner, and the razer SDK service (which enables the chroma keyboard function from ingame) using either of those causes gameguard to crash, though the scanner seems to make it crash a lot faster. Synapse itself seems to be fine.
  20. Razer Synapse & GameGuard = Crash

    Thanks! I kept crashing and couldn't figure out why, but this seems to have been the problem. Hope they fix it soon! edit: seems like the cause of the crashes for me was the game scanner service
  21. You know what this game needs?

    We can dance if we want to We can leave your friends behind 'Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance Well, they're no friends of mine
  22. [Petition] Remove nProtect GameGuard

    It causes problems for a lot of people that use Wtfast (or other similar services), which there are quite a few of. Due to NA's internet infrastructure just being a lot less advanced than the Korean one, as well as the larger geographical distances, it can be expected that a lot of people might be be looking into methods for ping reduction. Especially considering how much of an impact ping has on high-end play. (the stream where jaesung pvp'd the european players being a perfect example) By placing the bns servers in texas to appeal to a greater range of players, this really just puts a lot more of the NA players who are further north at a distance where their ping isn't optimal for the needs of high end play (rip canadians). Honestly bns wasn't designed with 150+ ping in mind. Gameguard being a part of BnS limits a lot of those people to choosing between playing with bad ping or playing with a ping reducing service and random problems/crashes. Which sucks not just for them, but also whoever they are playing with since a player is removed from the party if they crash in a dungeon. Sometimes rarely my game crashes when it seems I press too many keys too quickly, and I really wouldn't be surprised if that's also caused by gameguard having an issue with my keyboard/mouse software. (no I don't macro, though my keyboard and mouse are capable)
  23. Remove Game Guard

    Two things gotta be considered to determine if gameguard is worth it. Does gameguard actually prevent cheating/hacking? And what are the risks to a players PC due to gameguard running? Gameguard is bypassed so easily that it's like putting up a half meter fence to keep people from stealing out of your yard. If someone wants to hack, all gameguard being there does is add one extra tiny step to what the person has to do to hack. That's it. Now, though i've had no issues from it personally, i've heard of it breaking some PC's to the point they were almost thrown out. And i've also heard of gameguard banning legitimate players due to false positives (picking up regular background programs as cheats/hacks) Seem worth it to you guys? sure as hell doesn't to me.