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  1. Costume: "Transcendence" is now "Surpass"

    Yeah, all of the perks with master pack are nice, but one of the perks which you conveniently forgot to list there, is the transcendence costume. Some people might have bought the pack specifically for that costume. "should be aware of what changes could possibly come" It was stated on the page for buying the founders packs, that the costumes coming with the master pack were exclusive and would never be released in a different way. It was made pretty clear that there is no possible changes to come, in the case of the exclusivity of the master pack costumes. You really wanted that costume? so did some others who shelled out $125 for it. How would you feel if you wanted that costume bad enough to have bought the master pack just for it, with the promise it was exclusive and that was the only way to get it, just to have it released for everyone for some regular price like $15 worth of ncoins some short time later. You would feel scammed.
  2. Costume: "Transcendence" is now "Surpass"

    That'd still be a big slap in the face to any master pack owners. If they released it under a different name... the truth is, it'd still just be the exact same costume, without inspecting the person there'd be no way to tell the difference. They would have to change the appearance of the new one in some way to make it different, which might be an insult to the artist who designed the original.
  3. Rate my yuns :D

    I think #2 is a lot better.
  4. Show off your characters!!

    yay new costume (gon KFM)
  5. fix the kung fu master forum first. I know we mastered our chi, but talking to all the other kung fu masters via telepathy gets sorta old after awhile...
  6. okay i'm out, i'm now convinced you're just trolling lol
  7. So how many times will people have to tell you that gameguard doesn't actually do anything to stop hackers, before something in that walnut clicks?
  8. I have a great idea for you. How about, instead of having your eyes skim over peoples posts without reading anything, and then assuming you know what they said and acting as if they said things they didn't, how about you just actually read peoples posts? Like. You know, make a mental connection between every word in the sentences in front of your eyes or something? I don't know. I think it would help you, you wouldn't be so confused.
  9. do you know what a "white knight" is? 'cause the only one's in this thread white knighting, are people white knighting gameguard, complaining that gameguard was removed (it wasn't), thinking it actually helps at all to prevent hacking (it doesn't), while completely ignoring all of the posts in the thread that are actually informative.
  10. I did. I also deleted all traces of it from the system folders and registry. Still reinstalled itself upon running the game. Though it reinstalls itself and runs the first time the game is run after cleaning gameguard from the PC, any times you re-open the game after that it doesn't seem to run and doesn't show up in the processes. But it seems to run itself again any time opening the client after it had previously crashed. and yeah like others mentioned, gameguard doesn't actually do anything to stop hacks and really just ends up being a pain in the ass for legitimate players (false bans, game crashing because of a huge amount of software/hardware that have nothing to do with the game but gameguard has issues with them *cough razer*) Plus, rarely with some computers, gameguard can stop important computer processes from running which results in the PC being fried (like some cases where it was stopping important fans from running due to gameguard shutting down the software that monitored them). Even in the best case scenario that gameguard doesn't have issues with any of your software/hardware, it's still a resource hog and in the end, your game would run smoother without it.
  11. It isn't deactivated. It runs when you open the game back up after a crash, and seems to just be integrated into the client differently than before.
  12. Super amounts of lag

    same, also shaw ISP.
  13. it'd be easy if the ping didn't randomly keep jumping up to 200+
  14. Also getting pretty much nonstop ping spikes from 10100. my regular 60-70 keeps jumping up to 110-150, sometimes higher. The ping seems to be spiked at least 1/4 of the time that I look at it. Been wondering what's been up the last few days. (from canada, using shaw ISP) I checked the ping both with and without using a VPN, and while the VPN of course did do its job of lowering ping, it still experienced the same issue with the consistent lag spikes.
  15. yea it was either being logged in multiple places, or rebinding keys to your mouse. hope you get it resolved soon
  16. *watches people iframing strong boss attacks succesfully* "omfg *cricket*ing god mode hacks that's impossible, they are all hacking" also - pretty sure what that other dude said was right, that with some of those aoe's there seems to be a limit to how many players they can hit at once, or something just totally glitches out the mechanic. I think if there was an actual hack that caused it, you'd be seeing it a bunch everywhere. as for whether or not it's bots... well it's really hard to tell for sure. as fishy as their movements seem, a lot of people get pretty mechanical when they get into a grind/farming mode, so a large group of people hardly talking while they all just kill a boss and switch channels asap to kill another one isn't that unusual. the main thing about the video that's unusual to me is the sheer amount of summoners. if it was just a huge group of normal players, you'd expect to see a lot more variety.

    lmao, removal of power drop was a buff... for any decent KFM and hellfire kick wasn't made available by critical swift strike at any time that I remember, it was always iron shoulder tier 3 stage 2, tiger strike, and critical leading palm. maybe you're mistaking it for cyclone kick (F), which triggers after critical swift strike or tiger strike, successful dash resist, or after shin kick. (unless you have 0 points into it)
  18. HACKED

    some people had things disappear out of their inventories after yesterdays patch but that still wouldn't explain your friend seeing your character logged in idk i'd say maybe you visited a shady site and got keylogged but even in that case idk how they'd get your 6 digit PIN...
  19. Game crashes before launch - post patch

    I had to leave the chroma SDK process running for the launcher to completely open the game, and the chroma setting is under game -> camera -> mouseover options (make sure that setting is turned off) I was still getting some random DC's though (for some reason every time I was fighting namsung at the dreadtide arena, it'd crash) so I restarted, left the chroma SDK process running to get the game to open all the way, and then once ingame used the task manager to stop the chroma SDK process, and it's been running for awhile now with no crashes after doing that. I seriously hope they either remove gameguard or that it gets updated to work properly for people who use razer products (and all the other things it currently has issues with). 'cause right now it's doing a lot more harm than good for the game.
  20. Game crashes before launch - post patch

    worked for me as well. I don't think you have to close it either, as long as the "enable chroma keyboard" setting in the options isn't switched on.
  21. BnS crashs after I click play now.

    Getting the same error, can't launch the game after todays update. First time having an issue launching the game. edit: the game opened normally for me when I left the razer chroma SDK process running. weird.
  22. So, seeing as the spammers and bots are such an issue... can NCSoft please get rid of gameguard already? It's obvious it's pretty much useless... I'd really love to be able to use the ingame chroma keyboard option, and who knows the amount of people who've been turned away from the game after having it crash on them only 10 minutes after getting ingame, after spending hours and hours in queue. gameguard does nothing but hurt the game.