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  1. Cerulean Outfits

    ah, as long as you kill any of the opposing faction npcs they will spawn. In the scorching sands they'll always spawn in the same spot near the middle, while the misty woods bosses will spawn on the body of killed faction npc which spawned them.
  2. Honestly, every time I see it run when opening the game, it legitimately makes me kind of pissed off...
  3. Cerulean Outfits

    At the scorching sands you can kill faction npc's to spawn a couple mini boss npc's in a row which will drop insignias once you kill them. You need to get 80 of those insignias for the second faction uniform, and can get it from the faction exchange npc at your factions scorching sands base. To get the third one, you farm the faction npc's in the misty woods to spawn a few mini boss npc's that will drop the insignias you need for the elite uniform. The elite uniform costs 100 insignias, and you exchange them for it at the exchange npc at your factions misty woods base. Edit: there's also a fourth tier faction uniform but it has to be crafted through guild crafting and is insanely expensive to make.
  4. All it really seems to do is make my game run like shit. Feels just like i'm playing with a really unstable internet connection now lol. Every time I press F to cyclone kick now, I have to hold it like an extra half second or it just doesn't even register... thanks for breaking my combos ncsoft. lemme know when it's playable again?
  5. incase anyone missed it :P earlier in the thread I said I "highly doubted" they were auto banning from the player report feature, because I assumed they knew better. Sucks being wrong.
  6. I know of a LOT of people who want these costumes as well as other ones that would require licensing. (me included) I agree with the OP, It would be nice to know if it's a possibility or if we should just give up hope on it.
  7. So... how are we supposed to play a highly competitive PvP based game without making anyone mad? Rhetorical question, the answer is quite obvious. Edit: nowhere did I say, or see anyone else say, that one report equaled an instant ban. It is concerning none-the-less that enough reports added up will result in a ban done without investigation, because of the competitive nature of this game and the fact it is PvP based. Not to mention the fact that not everyone has the best morals, especially within the NA community. I'm not saying there shouldn't be a report function... but some measures need to be taken to ensure that legitimate players in mass numbers don't get caught up in it. A bunch of people who have said they were banned, did nothing but arena pvp. They didn't talk in chat, weren't rude to people, they just PvP'd. This is a clear sign that a large amount of players don't have the integrity or morality to be trusted with a feature that can be abused for personal vendettas.
  8. I just think the system currently has way too much potential for abuse, and accidents like you just entailed. I left cerulean for crimson just for the practice that the open world pvp would bring. I've had what seemed like 15+ blues follow me and a few other reds from one channel to the next, simply because they were mad they had been killed a few times. Nobody said a word to them, they still easily could have reported out of spite, just due to being salty about being killed. Am I gonna have to give up on open world pvp now to avoid making people mad, because they all have the power to abuse such a system?
  9. Gold spammer gets banned: they create a new account, and continue gold spamming. Legit player gets banned: they might just say screw it, never come back, as well as tell all their friends who were interested not to play as well. Does that simplify it enough? It's not worth it.
  10. I guess I can see how it'd be an issue to investigate each report when there's like tens of thousands of bots being reported and yeah, this probably did end up getting rid of a HUGE amount of them, but they will just create new accounts.... I just sincerely hope this didn't affect too many legit players. Most people aren't off work yet, so seeing how the number of support tickets has already exploded is worrying.
  11. So basically, they handed every player a perma ban hammer and decided to trust their discretion 100%? Yeah who'd have thought people would abuse a report function? Every single human in NA is an angel with perfect morals how could this happen?! okay seriously though. If you give players a report function, it should only flag an account to be investigated. Not flag it to be perma banned and then investigated later when they get emails from that person explaining that they were legit. What the hell NCSoft. Seriously. There's people who just go and report every person that makes them mad as a bot or spammer. Hell I could've pissed off enough people just doing faction pvp and gotten banned for it. This. SHOULD NOT. HAVE. HAPPENED. AT ALL. Seriously perma banning should not happen automatically in the first place. Temp bans yes, But a perma ban on people who have invested not just money, but their emotions and love, into this game should NOT happen without investigating the player. EVER. I love this game. please don't kill it. I feel so bad for everyone who was wrongfully banned because of this, I really hope this doesn't mess things up for the game now, and I seriously hope this doesn't stop anyone from playing warlock who was excited for it.
  12. this is what i get...

    edit the picture so it doesn't show your email right away if you can.
  13. yeah, and I do agree with the rest you said about people with packs and good weapons and such. I was disagreeing only about the premium specifically. good luck to those who were false banned and I hope you all still get to play the warlock tomorrow
  14. Have you not noticed that pretty much every single bot you see ingame has premium? People need to just send in tickets, get their situation investigated and get unbanned if it was a false positive. Simple as that, just be patient. The timing really does suck though with warlock so close, so I hope if anyone was falsely banned that it's solved before the patch. Most likely, the amount of false bans (assuming each person is telling the truth) in this wave are extremely small compared to the amount of actual bots who were banned.
  15. sorry, meant to quote the other guy. Forums are being buggy as usual :P it won't even let me delete your quote out or edit the other guys quote into this without doing a new post so I just did a new one for it.
  16. It's possible that the mats you bought off the marketplace were from a bot, say if they banned a bot and traced where it's gold came from. If that's the case, then they really need to change the system to not involve the marketplace asap, or at least have methods to see not only who a bot got its gold from but also how. Judging by other posts though, it seems their detection method might have something to do with people crafting and afking. or maybe it's both crafting and afking while also having gold that passed through bots hands which ended up flagging the account.
  17. on a side note - i've made over a hundred gold in the last couple days selling stuff on the marketplace. I've also sold a bunch of gold on the currency exchange to buy costumes. Also given gold to my girlfriend so she could buy costumes, and i'm still here. So it does make it seem a little fishy when people say they were banned and only did things like that, but I still disagree with the guilty-until-proven-innocent approach being taken by some of the forum towards the people saying they were falsely banned. Nobody knows how the automated ban system is working, false positives are entirely possible.
  18. I highly doubt that the report function adds to an auto ban without being investigated first. And if it does... then I seriously hope people abusing it due to being salty from faction pvp or other reasons can be found out and given a reasonable punishment, if they cause false bans which then get investigated.
  19. Yelled at FOR tanking!?

    but what if you enjoy chasing the boss endlessly while half your combos break due to the boss chasing someone and moving out of range? (as melee anyway) hahaha just kidding. Good tanks are a blessing, and need to be appreciated.
  20. It is pretty disencouraging when you spend an hour+ running a dungeon, and don't see one single thing drop the entire run. Literally. not one single drop. I can imagine how bad it must feel after doing a lot of runs like that.
  21. BoT

    The only good partial solution to the bot problem is a region block. This game needs a pretty decent ping to play it enjoyably, and a good ping to play it seriously at all. (and a really good ping to play competitively) except for maybe very few people, there's only one reason anyone from china would be playing on NA bns, and it's not to actually play the game. The small amount they can make off botting and gold selling can easily add up to a living wage there. There is entire companies in China devoted to just botting on games with good populations, whether it be to have farm bots that actually sell the gold, or spam bots that make people visit their sites so they can steal peoples paypal/bank/credit card information (via keylogging or other methods). It's safe to say, that nearly all of the bots are from china or other countries where very little USD can go a long way (relatively). It doesn't take a team of people and a ton of money to figure out that a region block is the best current answer to the bot problem. I'm not saying it would completely fix the problem, but it would make one hell of a difference.
  22. I wonder if those regions also had a massive drop in fps and the overall smoothness in how the game runs from beta to afterwards. During beta and headstart I could run this game (even in populated areas) at 100% maxed settings and always stay above 60 fps. In most places, if I have the settings completely maxed now I get 30-40 fps. I'm far from being the only one who had the game go from running great at maxed settings to having to lower tons of settings now just to have it still not run as well as it did during the beta and headstart. Feels like what's really happening is the opposite of optimization lol.
  23. Seriously? Costumes..

    I was actually waiting for the empress costume to come out, wanted that one
  24. hmm either way gameguard should have its own agreement which gives some indication of what people are actually installing on their pc imo also the ncsoft TOS really beats around the bush and doesn't say matter of factly that 3rd party software is being installed. it just says it "might be". just like they say they "have the right, but no obligation" to. Except it's something that gets installed for every single person.