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  1. Anyone have the template for her? I tried taking a screenie and copying it with the screenshot function, but it just kept giving me the template to the character I was playing
  2. Is there a major difference between the two? Do taller characters make easier targets? Are they worse at PvP? Or is there no difference and I'm just over thinking things?
  3. Lol it's something to go off of. Thanks :-) Also I figure Zulia/Julia is a jin, but I'm using a gon :P so just gonna wing it
  4. It's nice to know that we get the outfit, but I'm not talking about Zulia's outfit x.x I need the numbers for the body features during character creation x.x (or close as we can get anyway)
  5. That's a decent start. I need to find out the rest of the body features now :P it doesn't have to be perfect. I was just going to get the body as close as possible without messing up the char and then edit it to my liking from there :-) None of the youtube videos I've seen actually show the body features I need...they just implement a mod and call it a day. I'm not trying to mod, i'm just trying to get as accurate as possible with the basic character creation tools we have. I need the numbers to all the body features x.x
  6. I kind of want one of my alt characters to have a similar body type to Zulia. Does anyone know what proportions I should put into character create to make that happen?
  7. Huh I wonder about that....I dont have money to pump into trove for expansions like others do x.x
  8. Does anyone know how I can get t5s3 right punch?
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