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  1. I know. I read. I wasn't pleased but, it is what it is. And pleased about the thread nothing more.
  2. I honestly wonder how many true artists are in here. Nonetheless the costume is original as a final piece. It's well rounded and balanced. There were alot of costumes I saw that were VERY busy and or themed outside of the BnS realm. I don't condone cheating in any manner but as an artist myself, I condone 100% the use of references to create an original creation. What most people are doing is nitpicking at elements of the outfit, not the outfit as a whole. If you want to be nitpicking, I am very certain someone can find something (small or big) about every single outfit and
  3. Is the Commercial Merchant Recipe every going to be in the Hongmoon Store? If so when? If not why? -It's been 2+ months since the content update for guild outfits but only recently did this outfit come out and made available to us (by outfit I mean template to complete the outfit), so since my guildies and I have been waiting so patiently to get the pattern done, can we finally have them in stores? Q.Q *love me please*
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