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  1. Am i the only one getting authenication error?
  2. dunno why but for me he did the freezing mist 3 times in a row making it impossible to even touch him.
  3. Can someone explain how the ruby gem functions? the bad translation makes it a lil hard to understand.
  4. Only 1 of the costumes with max slots and over 50 keys. POS event...
  5. just deactivate it, i cannot run BDO in the background because it also features a program like GG.
  6. So much fun to walk around the world only to see 15-20 destroyers with names like agdsongaa running in a synchronised pattern. Gameguard suuuure is doing a great job.
  7. I'd take it a step further and completely remove the daily quest cap. I'm so tired of seeing developers place these kinds of artificial barriers in games. Just let players grind to their hearts content if that's what they feel like doing.
  8. Problem here is that the 2 types of grinds are EXTREMELY subjective. I don't mind the daily quest grind in this game at all. Hell i'd advocate for daily quest cap removal so people can grind even more.
  9. Gameshit also blocks Black Desert Online running in the background which means i cannot auto fish while i play B&S.
  10. Just feels like a case of awesome game handed to a shitty publisher.
  11. For some bizarre reason it seems to conflict with other similar programs
  12. It's not even a 100% chance the fix will work, it worked once for me but now it's like GG has evolved past this fix.
  13. It worked once for me but now when i try to login i get the same error.
  14. I'm using this guide for my warlock and it's fast as hell if you pick Bombardment Tier 3 Stage 3 and Rupture Tier 3 Stage 1 so both of those heal you for 10% and 20% of the damage done.
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