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  1. EXTREME lag

    This always happens. Whenever NCSoft's routing messes up, every game on the platform begins experiencing latency issues. If you were, say, to read the GW2's reddit, people are also voicing the server latency issues.
  2. 30m ice guard

    What KFM needs is a better opener skill.. Our 30m ice guard currently equalizes the opener by forcing everyone into combat. But it'll be nerfed to 16m later, and our openers will still be terrible, giving us unequal footing against every other class. As for the sin matchup, you can only techchase their tab escape if you iframe the blind and muddied effect. Even then, like all tab escapes, sins have a .5s window to pre-emptively iframe a tech chase.
  3. KFMs can do good damage. In most cases damage variance is dependent on the player, not the class. If you want more solo damage, you can get the soul shields that buff your damage skills (MSP or BT). They really help with Tiger strike / Cyclone kick's base damage and the soul shield bonuses multiply with each other. I'd recommend HM Comet strike and Tiger strike for damage increase, HM LMB for wind. For fire, you can initiate a burst like so: 1-t-x-4-tab-v-4-x-4-x-2-4-4-f-x-2-4-f-2-2-4-f-2-2-4-f For wind, without HM skills, Idk how you would burst. Maybe something like 2r4f
  4. Sundered Nexus maze maps

    I'm adding this thread in addition to my reddit thread to increase search sensitivity. Here are the vertical maze maps of Nexus.
  5. Heavenly Energy - 12/4 update

    Yes, we can still use HE tomorrow.
  6. Heavenly Energy - 12/4 update

    Yes, the items that cost HE will remain. Xanos Discs will also become available for Heavenly Energy at a later date. The change is that you cannot obtain HE from the daily challenge anymore- either the items are being phased to Peaches or Solar Energy.
  7. Blue Moon Soul Badge

    First, you have to understand what the additional damage equal to 500% attack means. Additional = After damage 500% attack = 5.00x modifier to skill According to BnSTree, comet strike Tier 5 Stage 1 has a modifier of 18.00 on a target affected by searing palm. So you do your AP x 18. If you had 850 AP, you would do 15,300 damage. With the badge, you will do [18.00 + 5.00] x AP as damage. Now you do 19,550 damage, or 27.77% more damage. In this example I did 842::AP x 2::Tremor x 1.1091::Element x [(18.00 + 5.00)::Modifier x 1.75::Soul_Shield ] x [2.5121 + 0.2 + 1.00]::Crit_Damage damage. Which is 279,060 average damage, or in my case, 290,973. Basically the badge will always add 27.77% damage to your comet strike after any searing palm.
  8. seraph or baleful

    Seraph at stage 7 is still "when hit". I personally chose Seraph because it looks nice, and I do more damage than most KFMs anyways. But most people go Baleful.
  9. Well, I couldn't find a version of the jacket where it's not just hanging off the back. Nor could I find images of "Countdown" anywhere. Can anyone confirm if the wearable version exists, and is there an image?
  10. Soul fighter offals useless

    Well, if it's not good, save your gold and don't buy it. KFM has a skill (Nexus + Naksun) that is never used, and I don't think that skill will ever be buffed.
  11. 6v6 is NOT Pay2Win. PVE is. But NOT PVP.

    Most 6v6 battles are steamrolls, so what rank you are largely depends on how much battles you've played. For 6v6, you need good ss, decent AP, and hongmoon skills. With too low AP, you'll simply never kill a maxed out destroyer no matter how long you cc him. Unless you get more than 1 person attacking him. Most of 6v6 is based on positioning and party placement- by having 2 people on 1 guy, you're just wasting time, while they have an extra guy to capture a brazier. If one team has 5 pros and the other team has 2 pros, the team with 2 pros will have their best players held up against 2-3 people while 1 pro from the 5 pro team can handle all 4 other members. Another part of 6v6 is class makeup. Summoners can get away with low stats, same with forcemasters, soulfighters, and bladedancers. As long as you have crit defense (some summoners I've seen don't even). Other classes without group utility have to play better to have the same impact in an encounter. Summoners can grapple, then when the tab escape is used, the bd can restrain and the victim melts in a few seconds. FMs can AoE a group of people and sheath their own teammates, while soulfighters can heal and revive while staying alive the entire fight. So is it pay to win? Probably not. A free to play player with Challenger SS and 660 AP can do as well as a 750 AP whale, given knowledge of their class and 6v6 strategies. Gear does play a difference, but free to play players can reach the high end and stand toe to toe with a whale. Also, most whales I know play enough that their skill is above the competent player, so it is also skilled based. Any whale that doesn't know how to pvp will be demolished in this gamemode by those who do- in a few seconds.
  12. The most annoying thing by far in this game...

    The warlock update brought skill changes, and reset everyone's skill trees.
  13. Server down?

    Can log back in as of now.
  14. Observation of fauna in SSP

    The bear "runs" across water.. unusual, but happens whenever they cross water in their path. This particular grassquatch appears predetermined to stand on this rock and pause for a while. It exhibits this behaviour whenever it approaches the rock in its loop again. Thrashscales and Highbloom Bulbaries cannot traverse bridges, but Grassquatches can. Three seagulls near Summer Song Cafe do not fly, rather they rotate on the spot.