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  1. Tomb of the Exiles random kicks

    Fair enough. I was just explaining what I figure happened, since OP was taking it personally. It would probably be better if instances didn't become available in cross-server until the level they were intended for, maybe within one or two. At least situations like the above could be avoided that way.
  2. Dear Destroyers (PvE)

    But how else will I get my Piledriver fix?
  3. Tomb of the Exiles random kicks

    For some reason, the cross-server instance finder allows players to queue up for instances they aren't the right level for. Tomb of Exiles is a level 36 dungeon, which is why you were promptly kicked from the groups you joined. I've had some lower levels run it in my group before, and they tend to die pretty darn quick once they actually dive into combat. I wouldn't take what happened as a personal slight, OP. More than likely, the groups you were matched with had experienced running Tomb with lowbies before and were just fed up with having to 'carry' them through it. Focus on leveling up to the proper level for it, and queue up again - you shouldn't have any trouble getting a friendly or efficiently silent party once you're 36.
  4. Localizing the Servers

    Do they have the money to do this? Sure. Will they invest it in this? Nah. If they decided to spread the servers out in NA/EU, it would likely only be in response to a gargantuan amount of profit from us.
  5. Out of Combat System

    'In combat' status seems to be all over the place as to how long it persists - sometimes I kill a mob and I'm almost immediately considered out of combat, and sometimes I have to either walk at a snail's pace for a while or use a skill to break free of some invisible enemy's aggro range. It'd be nice if some tuning were done to the way the game detects whether you're under attack or not, rather than implementing a way for us to force ourselves out of combat, as that would create new problems.
  6. So um BladeMasters...

    Give a finger an inch and it'll take a hand.
  7. Suggestion: Export/Import Characters

    It includes all slider settings, coloration choices, so on and so forth. The only thing that isn't automatically applied when you load a snapshot, to the best of my knowledge, is the voice you chose.
  8. Localizing the Servers

    As wonderful as this would be, I doubt that it will ever happen. Spreading out the server locations would likely require more funding than NCSoft is willing to commit. That's just a guess, mind.
  9. Cross Server group finder

    Yeah, incentivizing old instances for veterans would be a fairly effective means of getting them to give up their precious time to help out a newbie or two. I'm sure there's something enticing enough that could be offered. Granted, FFXIV's community wound up with a fair number of disgruntled older players on account of the sheer amount of time that some 'new' content demanded vets put into leveling dungeons -- can't say I'd be happy to see a scenario where an endgame breakthrough/evo component is added to BN with a minuscule drop rate.
  10. Need some filters on player pictures

    Always gotta single out the female Gons. :( It's not their fault that their outfits put most of it on display. I'll have you know that you can give a Yun a truly outrageous booty. Of course, you can't ever get rid of the AT-ST leg. Baby steps.
  11. Cross Server group finder

    Depends upon how long the queue runs for in this game. Since you can just fire and forget with this method anyways, you'd have to be getting near instant pops to avoid party members walking off or what have you, which I don't see as likely enough that it really outweighs the convenience of being able to actually do something more productive with your time while you wait with the other one. My concern, though, is the typical scenario where, after the first year or so of operation and after the big rush has died down, certain dungeons are so stale and overplayed by the majority of players that the queue times become quite tedious; I don't mind waiting a half hour for a queue to pop, but I would much prefer to spend that time mucking around in the world as opposed to sitting in a lobby.
  12. PVP option

    The problem here is the fact that arena is ranked. If you allow an option to filter by class, then you'll have to deal with the inevitable issue of players choosing to search only for a class that their class is strong against in the interest of boosting their rating. On the other hand, if everyone attempted to take advantage of this, you might never find a match at all, since no one would be willing to go into a matchup they're the weaker party in. An imbalanced arena mode would, for obvious reasons, also be a poor choice in a rated environment. There is a way to fight someone in the arena without it counting toward your overall rating, which is given its own category - sparring. If you're looking to take it easy and just mess around outside of the unstructured OWPvP, then sparring is your best bet.
  13. Repair tool is too expensive during low levels

    This. Only ever repair your weapon when you know (from experience) that it will break before you can clear whatever it is you're going in to clear. You can actually wring a fair amount of combat out of each durability point, depending upon your class and whether or not you die often. You should be able to make it through the entire leveling process without buying a single hammer or paying a merchant to repair your equipment. One more thing. Whenever you passively 'block' an attack with your weapon, you lose a durability point--try and lock down any and every enemy you possibly can, making liberal use of evasive skills when you can't. The less you allow yourself to get hit, the longer your weapon will last.
  14. Giant Plague Mite & Pokey bosses

    The fights are pretty drawn out on some classes, yeah. Large health pools tend to be a rather boring padding tactic on the whole, but I do find that the tedium can tempt some players into playing recklessly, and any boss in this game can wreck you pretty quick if you start getting sloppy. As others have pointed out, there's no such thing as a solo tuned field boss, so I suppose finding a party is what you're going to have to resort to if you want a fast time to kill. Just wait until we get Warlock. I've been leveling one on TW, and I absolutely annihilated these two - fight was over in half the time with no damage taken whatsoever. I can definitely understand why some see the Lock's tuning as a bit much for level 45 content.
  15. The Biggest Misnomer

    That's exactly what they were hoping you would say, you know. Again, don't take the bait.