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  1. Hello I am newly returning player and had started up a new warden (lvl 21 at time of this post) that is interested in joining your clan. In game name is Sildrra.
  2. I just want to point out that caphchas will not stop the gold selling bots; won't even slow them down. There are programs out there to easily get around caphchas, and don't think for one second the gold sellers won't invest in the meager amount (for them at least) it would cost to get them. Basically capchas will be about effective at stopping bots as gameguard is.
  3. NCSoft is notorious for falsely banning people; don't think there isn't a game where they hadn't falsely banned people. They probably did a ban wave and some people got caught up in the sweep. If I had to guess I would say these people possibly said something in chat either right before or right after a bot and accidentally got hit with a "Block Spammer" report. I know there was a couple of times I almost blocked a few innocents because I would right click the name right after it scrolled up.
  4. WoW has spammers/bots, EvE has spammers/bots, Guild Wars has spammers/bots, all the previous MMOs that had B2P and Subs had spammers/bots; a paywall does absolutely nothing to stop spammers/bots, never has never will. Honestly the only way to stop the spammers and bots is for the idiots to quit buying from them; guess what no market then the businesses will crash. Of course that will never happen so all anyone can really do is learn to live with the fact they are going to be in every online game from now until the end of the world.
  5. Just to correct some myths present in this thread: Capcha will stop bots - wrong there are plenty of programs out there that can easily read and correctly enter a capcha so only thing that will screw up is the legitimate players Charging a $ amount for account creation - wrong the companies that own the bots will use stolen credit card information to create the accounts, and then NCSoft will have to go through all the trouble of dealing with all the back charges that ensue when the credit card owners dispute the charges In the end the only true way to deal w
  6. You should post this over in the Lineage 2 and Aion forums; they would get a kick out this joke also. While I enjoy their games quite a bit; I don't fool myself about how dismal their Gmail support is. It is more than well known the they don't suspend/ban botters/hackers/griefers no matter how much concrete proof is provided. Hell there have been a few posts on the L2 forums where the culprits have posted screenshots with their 3rd party hacks quite visible and while the thread is lock/deleted nothing ever happened to the player. So if by "very seriously and handles re
  7. You have no reason to worry since there hasn't been any indication NCSoft has bothered with any of the "report". NCSoft's customer and GM support is probably the second biggest joke (with Gameguard protecting against bots and hackers being the biggest) in the gaming world.
  8. Actually I have when playing games based in EU and nope not once did I complain since I knew that was the cost of having to play there. Only reason why you think it is stupid is because you would much rather whine about it than work towards a solution. Just so you know most people in America aren't rich enough to invest in a game publishing company, and yet we have them here. Why because it is a profitable venture for the few people that set them up. Not everyone has to set one up; only a few enterprising entrepreneurs that are willing to invest the initial capital to get it runnin
  9. Think of it as paying the normal MMO sub cost of $15 (US) and you get some free NCCoin each month.
  10. Because NCSoft likes to bury their heads in the sand when it comes to bots; happened in all their past games so shouldn't expect anything different in B&S.
  11. Like I've said before; if the money truly is there then set-up a publishing company, get some servers, and then license the rights to host these games (not just Blade and Soul but all the other MMOs you feel would do well) in the Oceanic region. In the end according to you; the Oceanic players, this is easy money for the game companies, so why not jump on it and grab that easy money for yourself?
  12. Finally got mine last night; had about 2.8k tags (threw them out once finally done):
  13. I don't recall anyone getting banned for pressing a button on their mouse. I use a Razor Naga and use the number pad on the side for dam near everything and haven't had any issues.
  14. I would tell you, but that answer is for Pros only.....sorry.
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