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  1. If your download is capped or you have really long download times, could always just predownload to the HDD then copy the files over when UE4 goes live. Not ideal, but can help.
  2. Hello I am newly returning player and had started up a new warden (lvl 21 at time of this post) that is interested in joining your clan. In game name is Sildrra.
  3. Finally got mine last night; had about 2.8k tags (threw them out once finally done):
  4. Yeah it really destroys games expecting customers to spend some money to help support the game...
  5. If it is garbage then just delete them; problem solved. I am surprised that they don't have a wardrobe access ticket in the NCStore for like $5 for 30 day access though. I figured that would be one of the first convenience items they would have put in.
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