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  1. Old Timers Guild

    Hi, do you guys have a lvl requirement? I really don't enjoy the server I'm on (can only find hardcore endgame clans recruiting it feels like, I just want some casual people to make friends with) but I can't afford server transfers right now so I was thinking of rolling a new character on Mushin which Im told is a friendlier server. I've been playing on and off since launch but have never got far beyond max lvl as I have never been able to find a more casual clan and thanks to a physical disability, I want to be able to experience more content but I don't feel comfortable joining any real intense groups incase I can't quite keep up. You guys sounds like an enjoyable group though
  2. ETERNAL NOCTURNE | RANK 15 | PvX | Endgame | Uprising

    Im a returning player looking for a clan, but can I ask what faction you are?
  3. I hate to break it to you but thats the state of most MMOs these days, particularly the F2P ones. Older, hardcore games were different, because people were encouraged to team up and make friends and not get a bad reputation just to get anything done. When I moved on from FFXI to newer mmos a while back it was jarring for me too. Party finders, dungeon finders, etc, are all convenient but they take away the incentive to talk and be invested in other players. Some people just dont care about the other players, some just have too many bad experiences and stay silent. I know I for one used to love chatting in random groups and guilds in online games but after trolls and rude people I prefer to just go in, finish what Im there to do, then leave and go back to talking with my own group. With that said, you probably just need to find a different clan or make one yourself. Groups that dont spam advertise themselves, or have some kind of requirements to join (age, application, etc) are usually the ones that are going to be more mature and friendly
  4. Show off your characters!!

    I worked on my Jin saved appearance some more, but I ended up liking it so much I didnt want to wait for warlock and made her into an assassin.
  5. Show off your characters!!

    This is my warlock from the japanese version. Favourite class, I cant wait to play it in english and be able to actually read the text. She's a placeholder for now and may edit her appearance eventually..she has some similarities to my lyn (like the silver eyeshadow) since I wasnt going to be playing this character for a while anyway
  6. Show off your characters!!

    Here be my lyn Rian