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  1. Error 200? Maintenance?

    i got log in failed 3746 please try again in a few mins.
  2. Siren weapon questions.

    siren>>true siren>pirate>>true pirate and to get true pirate u need 10Moonwater stones 250 soustones, 100 warrior token and pirate weapon witch is more expensive (in medals) than the dark pirate, the breeze from true siren you can go direcly to true oath but it requires double mats, 15 moonwater, 355 soulstones oath weapon 45 gold, then breeze but it will coust u more cause youll need silverfrost in this path , witch are ridicusly expensive atm
  3. Crafting Time

    merry potters or gtfo, unfortunately i did choose forgekeepers lv 4 and haf witch is totally useless,you can craft weapon skins but mats are 100 times more expensive then the profit, radiant ring lv 4 , witch you can get the attack diamond if you are lucky enough ofc anyways you will end losing money, and i wont switch after all progress i did, just cant..
  4. Breeze Necklace

    got all breeze, outbreker acc, some of them have pretty nice stats but cannot be upgraded -____-
  5. What is your day like in Blade & Soul?

    -wake up -save the world once more =P -going to sleep. XD
  6. there IS a lot of bots..but it seems the game is very playable for me, i feel sorry for those who live in the arena playing aganist and teaming up with bots.
  7. BnS Physical Album (of released soundtracks)?

    Indeed the soundtrack of this game is amazing =D
  8. send a ticket, they will answer all your questions, i did it a few times and got a very fast response.
  9. To all the leavers in Dungeons

    thats the¨ supossed elitist players¨ usually they're toxic kids (unskilled) who got every best item thanks to his mom credit card, if you fail they will blame you low being low ap if you succeed its cause i carried you, thakfully we have the block button.
  10. First Scorpion NA level 50 then..
  11. oh you found the bot nest, did u got an achivement? XD
  12. love to see how much ppl take this thread seriously XD
  13. ARENA

    nice, but mine looks much more shaddy pd: this is verrry old second week after launch, didnt happened aganin, but looks cool XD
  14. Computer Shutdown

    happened once in harvest event last boss.