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  1. Cold Storage boss says "Winter is coming" :3
  2. Thanks for keeping this alive! I'm sorry that I didn't put all the screenshots together for now but I've been busy. I hope I can do it soonish. :D
  3. Yaaaaaaarg! :P There is also a reference to European history. They actually mixed the "Iron Mask" with "Lord of the Rings". So the emperor is called the man with the iron mask, right? I quote: " According to Voltaire, the man in the iron mask was the older, illegitimate brother of Louis XIV (via Cardinal Mazarin and Anne of Austria), while according to Dumas, the mysterious prisoner was none other thanLouis XIV's twin, who was minutes older and thus the legitimate king of France. " Which means that Yumna Kahn's iron mask is a reference to this and his "return to the throne"
  4. Hey guys! Thanks for your updates. I've been busy (partially because of the leveling lol) but I've got some nice references to post whenever I can :D. I laughed hard at the Wizard of Oz references though. Other things I found, I'll post screenies whenever I have time: - Lord of the Rings references - Crazy Rabbids
  5. I saw the Tolkien one and completely forgot to add it! Thank you! Also, the rest of the references are amazing. I wished that NCSoft would check out this post and confirm which ones they are real references. However, my BF says that Act II: Chapter 15 quest name: Once upon a time in the Cinderlands (Once upon a time in china.) a Jet Li movie is actually a reference to "Once Upon a Time in the West" which is older than that movie... but it could be a reference to all of them (The China movie is a reference to the West one)?
  6. I'll do it this next weekend when I have some more time :P
  7. It's been a long time I didn't post! Here's a Queen reference (if nobody else posted it yet)
  8. Here's another one! Three musketeers (Athos, Aramis, Porthos):
  9. Holy cow. This is getting better and better.
  10. Love all the references guys :) keep it going
  11. Sorry for the picture quality, the scanner isn't plugged in and I'm rather lazy today :P. This is my Gon KFM Rhea Xen.
  12. Behind Enemy Lines The Ring reference! xD Basically you need to speak to a guy who is supposedly turned into a scroll by a curse and then summon this girl from a well. By the way, she's called "Cute Pie" lol Full Metal Jacket Life of Pi Memories of a Geisha? Rebels without a Cause Saving Private Ryan I don't know of this is a reference but in Blade Runner there is a Monologue called Tears in the Rain
  13. I also found the Zelda reference that somebody mentioned some days ago! :D A Tale of Two Sisters is a Korea movie... I don't know if it's an actual reference I also don't know if this one is a reference too but there is a musician called Jake La Botz who made an album called "All Souls and No Money" The Great Escape! Tony Stark?
  14. Nice ones! I already posted the Bits one. You actually missed the meaning of "zenny" though! The Poltergeist one is hilarious lol
  15. What about Terminator 2? (This is at Brighstone occupation ruins)
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