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  1. Daily dash

    mine was something like 1-2 1-2 1-1 1-1 1-6
  2. What is your favorite skill in B&S?

    Time distortion of course.. it lets you use most skills 4 times.
  3. So you become what you hate if not even worse due to leeching, well done mate.
  4. It would be nice if there's a marriage system T u T

    Yes please, make me able to marry ppl, and lets not stop there, make us able to have sex to create children and buy a house just outside of the crimson war zone. In all seriousness, i only saw marriage system in one game and it brought up so much drama, and made ppl actually play the game just to be together with that person and not actually play the damn game.. Some even found a person to pretend to be their child rip humanity.
  5. Why are BM so crap in Arena?

    Wasted my tab escape once against a bm, then he did one combo which took 95% of my hp, doesnt seems so weak if u can manage to get the engine going.
  6. Such a ridiculouse post. 1. Why do you speak as if the summoner is trash? Just like assassin he could just time his dandelion for stealth. If he fails, he simply tries to cc you instead with roots/cat/slow and the skill will be out of cd again. 2. This skill is just bullshet, just adds up to her endless surviveability. (Dandelion, Tab stealth, dashing half the map away, swap place with cat, cc them with cat when you're in danger, smoke to nullify ranged spells and then several healing skills.) 3. Once again, you are speaking about first timer pvp'ers. Obviously people stop hitting the sleeping cat after they have fought scummoners every 2 matches. 4. Are you fighting in silver by any chance? Anyways, there are those moments when you kill the cat, right when summoner stealths, and you got rooted with no gapclosers left, because you are fighting a ranged, running opponent. At those moments, you simply cant interupt the heal, esecially if she stealthed and got insane running speed. 5. Focus eater? Just dont spam it as soon as you have enough chi, like EVERY other class, What makes you think summoner is special in this case? By the way, they wont wait with using it, because you are constantly rooting. slowing etc the opponent with your own skills + cats, if you miss, its your own fault baddie. Not to mention the insane range of it, uggh. 6. "smart enough to run to cat", 50 iq is enough to do such a task. The good summoners however will just protect their cat if you attempt to cc it. They can: - Call for the cat to return. - Swap place with cat. - Stealth the cat. And if you fail all those options, you run to the cat and its like nothing happened while the cat is getting healed up. The problem is, your counter to the summoner gets recountered by the summoner. This game is pretty much all about: 1. Waste opponents escape. 2. 100-0 him. But even this strategy gets countered because they can counter the tactic with the cat by cc'ing us even while being cc'd.
  7. i don't want to see more scummoners thx
  8. How do you do damage

    Reroll summoner.
  9. 1v1

    Its basicly, try to make them waste their escape with some small combos, and then you burst them down to 0 hp with your best combo which you have saved. Except if you are a summoner, then it's just spam until your target is kissing the floor.
  10. KFM problem

    So when do you actually tab escape from a kfm? I dont play it and it seems like all of their attacks has some sort of knockdown/stun/daze, so when i escape a 3-4 second stunlock, and continue to fight, they will make another stunlock while taking most of my hp. Do they have really low cds or is there a way to see when you should tab?
  11. Start leveling your Summoner!!!

    1 tab escape. A stealth move like sin decoy. Smoke to dodge projectiles. A cat that CC you so you cant pull off a combo without being canceled/taking damage in the process. Alos Roots/slows. I think they got more than enough ways to be viable in higher rating tbh.
  12. The real WHY summoner is OP

    why does people think that summoner will be trash tier after lvl 50 gets unlocked? They will get stronger as well, just like the other classes.
  13. 3 classes need to be fixed

    I was about to hit 1900 and then i only fought summoners, rip rating.