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  1. It is kind of expensive, but it is very doable with just doing dailies. You get like 30G from doing all 40 dailies every day. I also get 61 soulstones per day just from the Soulstone Plains faction dailies. So the only thing you need to do is wait for the money to build up. If you are very determined to upgrade your weapon, then after you reach the 220 soulstones needed for the upgrade, sell the rest of the soulstones for a higher income. I think the only real issue when upgrading to True Breeze are the Naryu Tablets. You don't need a high AP either, just pug with whatever gear you have. I've pugged with people that had True Profane, and we still run it just fine. The only issue would be if you're new to the dungeons. Then ask the people a quick list of things to do so you don't die and help complete it. One last thing, you do not need True Breeze weapon. True Pirate is just fine. I don't have any of the new gear (except the Hongmoon Soul), and I'm at 516 AP. For Asura, there is one thing that does matter. You need high Accuracy; 120% Hit Rate to be exact. Asura has high evade, so you gonna need a lot of accuracy to even hit him in the first place.
  2. Obligatory Gameguard Thread

    My FPS is still the same after the re-implementation of Gameguard. It might be a different issue.
  3. F7 little overtuned?

    He does a small aoe around him before he does it. That is the warning. Just use frost prison before the aoe ends.
  4. F7 little overtuned?

    I beat him on the first try. I've killed him 4 times so far. You just need good dps, and whenever he stops moving and his blade shines blue, prepare to dodge or block with frost sheath/frost prison. For the time he spawns a lot of ice aoes around the room, just keep moving around and avoid him. When he summons some blades, just keep moving, this hardly affects you. When he's low health, he'll start doing some aoe around him, make sure your freeze yourself because the attack after it hits a ton. If you still getting too much damage, you can make it so your frost prison heals you, it's handy if your potion in cooldown. Also, do not sleep him, I tried it too see what happens, and he restored all his health. It was pretty funny tbh.
  5. Buying NCoin

    Do people still get banned for buying NCoins? There is a costume I've been wanting for a while, but all these complaint threads about people getting banned scares me from buying it.
  6. Buying NCoin

    Thanks all for the insightful comments. I did end up buying the Ncoin, and nothing bad happened. I will probably buy Ncoin through Amazon in the future, just in case, so thanks for the tip. I do not use a VPN or ever had any issues with the community. I was just scared that there was a malfunction in the system that would get me banned for no reason. Again, I appreciate the help.
  7. Stopped dashing in deep water, stuck forever.

    Did you try swimming to the shore? You can also wait a few seconds for windwalking to recharge and then keep dashing over the lake.
  8. CBT 2th Weekend Feedback

    It is not necessary to buy the keys. Most of the daily quests give 1 key each (even low level ones). Just farm them for a while and you'll get a nice stack. I agree they are too expensive, so that's why I simply just farm quests for a bit. You don't need to unseal items to know what they are. Maybe only for shields, but I believe you can already see its stats without unsealing. If that isn't the case, you can get an idea of the stats by just unsealing 1. It is possible to use all the fodder weapons, shields and jewelry to evolve without unsealing them. The only reason why I ever unseal an item is if I need it for breakthrough, or I simply plan to use it (shields). Regarding the evolving path, I believe that's just your personal opinion. It doesn't mean everyone feel that way. I do understand what you mean, but in my opnion, the harder it is to upgrade, the more fun I have upgrading. I don't like being able to upgrade my equipment in a minute, I want it be a challenge, to farm dungeons and quests for items and money. That way, I will feel that having upgraded equipment will mean something. However, as I said, that's just my opinion; other people may feel different.