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  1. Ideally, all soulshield pieces for PvE will have artisanal moonwater critical soul shield primer infused into them. That will yield an additional 112-156 (I think) crit per piece.
  2. Your goal for soulshields are Endless Tower 1/2/4/6/8 Blood Shade Harbor 3/5/7 That will maximize crit.
  3. Elements. It's the cheapest method of upgrading weapons. Open your transmutation window to see the requirements. Element powder you can obtain by salvaging weapons.
  4. To clarify on this. In Bloodshade Harbor, it ONLY DROPS ON 4-MAN. And only from the last boss. And at a very very low drop rate.
  5. Treat it like a PvP match. Blade call --> cc boss --> draw stance ani cancel. You will hit enrage if you don't spend a lot of the fight in draw stance. I have beat him 7 times now with very subpar gear. IGN is Banno. I fought him every time with true profane stage 10 and only around 265 AP. I hate to say this but, BM's are very weak right now. If you want to beat it, you need to do better. Gear is not really the issue unless you have sub-40% crit. That boss right now is strictly a skill-wall. My advise is to just practice until you f
  6. So the problem here is this. We have an incredibly boring patch that is imbalanced with very, very little end-game. At 50 cap, we will have exponentially more content than what we have now. The people who are bored at end-game have a right to be currently. I love this game, and even I'm bored right now. The reason I and many others are staying is because we know what content is awaiting us. What we have now is a very small taste of the real content. Look up some videos of other regions. The dungeons get CONSIDERABLY harder and the zones become more interesting.
  7. https://gyazo.com/58a3576c5f7c2b9d80afe56d0787ef67
  8. Originally posted by @Shoshin on our Eterna Gaming forums, I'm not sure if it has been posted here, but it's a useful guide for new players. 1. As soon as you hit level 45, your main goal should be upgrading your weapons and accessories (weapon first) to Awakened Infernal Stage 10. This is the stage that required Moonwater Transformation Stones to pass, which are currently difficult to obtain. Upgrade your weapon first as high as possible, if you cannot upgrade it all the way then ignore upgrading your accessories until after the weapon is fully upgraded
  9. You do not "farm" them. They have a very very very low chance to drop from random monsters (don't even bother) and they can be acquired via chests in dungeons. DO NOT DO EITHER OF THESE. Opening a chest in a dungeon uses a key, even if it doesn't tell you it does. Keys cost the same as unsealing charms, and you aren't even guaranteed an unsealing charm from the chest. You can either a. Craft them via Earthseers b. Buy them off the Marketplace from other players. c. Buy them from a vendor in a town.
  10. Pretty good BD, check it out.
  11. Plat KFM here, 140 ping. What's your point?
  12. Yeah that's part of why I stopped once I hit plat. Going against classes with blinks are so frustrating, like LBM's, because they use it outside their range and blink to you. Or when Destros manage to grab you 10m away while you're blocking. (KFM here)
  13. How can you watch that video I posted and tell me I did not create openings. First video, Destro blows tab because I forced him to. I then catch him with Flurry and combo him to near nothing. Second video, Destro goes full-on noob, blows tab and takes fury against a KFM. I tab out and run away, now she has nothing left at all. Nothing. I can do whatever I want. And I know this and capitalize on it. If you watch that video and don't see what I did, or just dont' understand it, you need to read up and/or practice and/or switch classes. KFM is perfectly fine right now and will remain so.
  14. I feel like you just don't want to listen to reason and instead would rather complain that you're bad at KFM. It's not easy to play, no one said it was. You cannot just pick this class up and be #1 KFM. It doesn't work that way. I've practiced a ton to even be where I'm at and I have a long way to go. You just sound like someone who complains to have a class buffed so that you can do well without learning them. No one is going to give you a handout in this game, sorry bud.
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