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  1. Disappointed....

    You won't like Black Desert lol. Atleast you get dungeons. You literally do PvP and that is it in BD. ZERO dungeons.
  2. I'm surprised people actually read quests.
  3. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    They need to do something. Simply saying "Remove all chats" is basically making this game a solo-game and you're forced to do the Duty Finder to be in Parties. It's sad really. No one wants to stop and try block every single spammer more than they actually play the game. Every Tom and Joe is telling you to 'block this chat' and then you won't have a 'MMO" anymore. It's a solo game.
  4. So some spammers cannot be blocked now?

    You got ghosts spammers on this game now.
  5. And another ban without any reason

    Hello, I would like to inform you that you can use those VPN application to play the game. However, it is your own discretion because that is not NCSOFT application. We only suggest it as possible workaround. If ever you experience issue regarding the VPN applications, please inform us immediately and we will be happy to help you. I hope this answer your concern. ^ So I'm guessing they meant 'take a risk and use it and possibly get banned.' lol
  6. Banned for no reason.

    Yes, it is. It's more of 'If you logged in on this PC and then logged into another [IP maybe?], you're banned.' They dunno who's really on it but I remember on XIV I was prompted to do somethings before I could as I switched from PS3 to PC and on a different IP address.
  7. Please make a Guides forum!

    MrHappy has some guides going up on YT. Everyone loves MrHappy's 1hr explanation on a rock!
  8. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    It's Bot and Soul chat onry. wat hav u guise don tho?
  9. Good, people were pitiful in that chat anyways.
  10. Lyn is best race

    That is not his first rodeo, y'know... [1 brownie for whoever knows where I got this from lol.]
  11. Give love to Hajoon server!

    READ THE LETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Why is Plague Hollow even a party dungeon?

    Yeaaa, if I'm 22 and the dungeons are shitface easy and we could of enter dungeons at 12, then they are doing a horrible time making dungeons by now. Shouldn't even have to wait for endgame to have fun dungeons. The next one after Black Rams is stupid too. @Miley
  13. Name change this person please

    It's funny because the way they look and he's literally like in the air. It's a shame though, I also seen like 5yroldSlut too.
  14. Crafting and Gathering is kinda *cricket*ing ridiculous in this game. Any reason why we have to wait 30mins to a few hours to gather if one person got the node? Side note - I also wish the gather and crafting system was like other MMO's. Not to fond of this one. Not sure why I have to wait 30mins on whole chiggen's either.
  15. why so long time to delete a character

    Do not bother asking support. I asked and got a literal 6 min response and they can't force it either.
  16. Extremely offensive chat.

    Legit last post here since this guy needs help. You may wanna google search solutions and/or ask support for some help...Or make your own topic and ask in the forums. You won't get any help especially here in this cesspool of a topic. Run...RUN AWAY.
  17. End Game Objectives

  18. End Game Objectives

    Welcome to MMO's, where masochist run free with this shit. It's a Themepark MMO. Shit is fun for a bit, then you leave and hop off the next, or come back later for new rides.
  19. Extremely offensive chat.

    > People who are spurring racial slurs. - Says nothing much against them. > People who offended, and/or think others are being wayyyyy too extreme with the context and okay with racial slurs and other - Should grow up. ??? Wat. @Zuzu They still should be punished by that extremities of it all. Having a mod to put their foot on the ground will ease up the chat. Instead of you know...cutting loose a whole chat that can prove benefical at times. This is my last reply for this topic though lol.
  20. Extremely offensive chat.

    At least it's something legit to complain about instead of 'wa wa qtimes this games going to die' doomsayers. Sitting on here blocking every single troll is a chore and you with my faction, you end up blocking more than playing. When you can have a Mod to make this game have a better environment. Not sure why anyones opposed to things to make a healthy community...Like the *cricket* though?
  21. Remove the bid system.

    I like bidding high on purpose lol. Oh well, it's every man for themselves. :]
  22. 7 Days to delete a character!?

    24 hours seems to be enough. It gives people time to come back if they happen to work and stuff to see if they got hacked. There is absolutely no reason for it to be a strong 7 days.
  23. Extremely offensive chat.

    So let's not have a community at all and just talk openly and instead let bigots and pedophiles run free? Alright then. I mean you can't even find people to play with and stuff and you'd think Faction would be the perfect place to start but everyone is ridiculous with their Twitter, Twitch Kappa bullshit. This is essentially a solo MMO. I can't be bothered anymore so I'm glad they have a Duty Finder in this game. It's gross. We can ignore it, sure but I think we need Mods if it's getting to the point of 'crossing the line' here. Though if I happen to see someone be extreme, I'm going to send a ticket myself. [I kept faction on incase people act mature or running stuff.]