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  1. Do not bother asking support. I asked and got a literal 6 min response and they can't force it either.
  2. 24 hours seems to be enough. It gives people time to come back if they happen to work and stuff to see if they got hacked. There is absolutely no reason for it to be a strong 7 days.
  3. Mine pops up and acts like I'm not playing it anymore.
  4. I just think most posters here are serious perverts lmao. Can't even begin to believe you guys are serious.
  5. If we're serious, can we have flat tits and bigger dicks then? I mean some of us wanna see a bulge on males, and some of us wanna look like Poharan-chandesu! Also, yes add boobies/bulge to Lyn's while we're at it. Is this weird yet?
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