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  1. how long have you been away ? do your yellow quests and see if you can get a Baleful or Seraphs stage 1. if you can't , just go to Grand Harvest Square and buy one from the merchant near the Spin Wheel it costs you 5 Naryu Silver and you upgrade it with Void Fragments.
  2. on mushins tower we got 3 doors 1-8 , 9 - 15 and 16 - 20. but in order to enter the second door ( 9 to 15 ) you need to beat the floor 8 same goes to the third door
  3. with weap on Stage 7 you should be able to do 20th, the Tower usually is NOT about high DPS, it's about mech.
  4. patch note says that the limit now is 10 ( 1 per class )
  5. and wait 1 week to create a char??? i'm not going to delete a char to make a gunner... I got 1 from each class and all lv 50.
  6. I didnt Register at the website.. my bad.. but I logged in... tried to buy a char slot via F10 and the game says that I Exceeded the purchase limit o.O I got 9 chars slot btw
  7. Are we going to get a Free Char Slot like we did when WL and SF were released?
  8. I saw in some YouTube video on a guy playing Gunner in KR Teste Server and he droped itens like Ocean Life and the others foods for HM, MAYBE they'll put the ember via tokens like the other item that you buy on Cold storage.... IDK but I refuse to think that you`ll need to get 500+ G for such outdated content item.
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