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  1. new dungeon

    It's a booring event with mechanics that are not challenging, you just have an enrage timer and u need to whale it out to win that's all. Event's are supposed to be fun and rewarding for every1 more so if you are skilled but raw gear power does not equal skill. The only possible solution for this i can see NCsoft doing is just scaling players to a certain point like RRSC and actually implement a challenging mechanic smthn like TT Boss 3.
  2. new dungeon

    yes, go waste your time in a lvl 36 dungeon learning mechanics for an event only dungeon with rewards that are not worth either, also dont even think about doing the harder version unless u have end game whale gear. whale and soul boys if u aint a whale bns doesnt care bout u.
  3. 2 Bugs on Blademasters

    It's been almost a year, why won't u fix this?
  4. Returning worth in 2019 ?

    sure if you want bns to feel like ur second job where u keep lvlin alts, enjoy ur chores.
  5. Returning worth in 2019 ?

    I wouldn't start again if u are below aransu gear, still even if u were above aransu the economy is in a worse state than before, it's harder to farm gold now.
  6. For once I agree with you.
  7. Bugged Warden Awakened Skills

    @NCSOFT any news on the BM conflagration bug, where you don't get the buff if you activate it as it runs out?
  8. that's just another sorry excuse for ncsoft to milk the whales who don't know what to do with their money which in turn again bites the normal players in the ass. i guess here you would say something among the same lines no1 is forcing you to buy it you are not affected, well keep filling the merchant with stupid c-rap you shouldn't buy and it even further removes the wow effect when you see a merchant spawn. people are not as excited to play this game as they were, they don't get wowed when they see a merchant or a legendary glowing chest ... oh look its 1 copper and also i am not surprised what whales can buy and neither do i trust you cause in my clan we have f2p and whales and every1 is laughing at the merchant shield prices.
  9. not even a single player who is able to do TT is retarded enough to spend 2k for it when he can get it 20-150 gold max, not even a whale would buy that ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
  10. that's what a scam is, you are not forced but enticed to buy it and overall u will always be at a gold loss even if you are somewhat lucky i personally never got anything other than the 10 gold reward. also merchant and 2000 gold TT shields .. what a bargain or wait maybe it's there to help the lower geared players who cant do TT to gear up welp jokes on them if they choose to spend that much gold which in turn even further hinders their gear progression. i really used to enjoy playing this game back when there were elder dragon strongboxes, it incentivized me to actually play cause i was getting something in return for my time but these days with all the daily gold nerfs, event nerfs, ninja merchant nerfs its simply not fun.
  11. New launcher

    also game doesn't even close properly with the new launcher, it stays open in the background after you quit.
  12. New launcher

    why does every update trash the game even more ..
  13. So let me get this straight, you want weeklies to not count towards daily unity cap because u do alot of weeklies in 1 day and cap out rly fast?
  14. Don't start putting words in my mouth. I said they are milking the whales with every patch they introduce a new item that takes an absurd cost to max out which in most cases you dont need it maxed obvsly but that's not the point. Ncsoft are more focused on dishing out those patches with new items to milk the whales instead of focusing on creating a better overall experience for current and newer players. And your continued white knighting isn't helping any of the player base either.
  15. (COMPLAINT/suggestion) - Orb of Ascension

    You're absolutelly right Danielio, the game has just become a giant milk fest, oh you had a lot of materials saved up after playing the game for years ... (White Orbs, Resets, Demon Spirit Stones etc..) GONE ty for playing now its time for paying. There was a time when the game was actually worthwhile to play and had actual incentive play HM for the Dragon Gold boxes, now u have no incentive to play dungeons they even further nerfed their gold gain. Also events are getting nerfed with each new aberration alongside with merchant with rigged gold chests that you lose money from, weapon evolve mats that are more expensive than in f5, and overall overpriced items in there in general. You simply don't get that feeling from before when you see the merchant appear oh damn what goodies will I get this time but instead oh another scale / fashion merchant.
  16. You fail to see alot of things cause you simply don't want to. You literally quoted the guy 2 posts above with all the things that are milking the players but keep staying ignorant and keep enjoying ur gold nerfs.
  17. You don't understand how ncsoft works, they need to milk the whales with every patch, that's how the money rakes in and not by actually trying to attract more players to the game.
  18. @NCSOFT Can we get an official "accurate" confirmation on this?
  19. Previously white orbs were farmable in Zaiwei ruins dynamic bosses, is the new OoA still obtainable there?
  20. Awakened Threat

    I haven't tested it yet but i do feel it's weaker dunno why.
  21. Dungeon gold reward reduction again /shy

    Economy is already ruined and they are just making it worse, they aren't even addressing the real problem which is the lack of new players. Imo I'd never start this game fresh that is torture.
  22. Zen bean trader, u buy it with bloodstone fragments
  23. Biggest SCAM/ FAKE NEWS 2019

    So you go to the bank, they tell you we made a mistake that's gonna cost you money but we are sorry, all is good right.
  24. Biggest SCAM/ FAKE NEWS 2019

    Because he's passionate about the game and doesn't enjoy getting ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤er over?
  25. Demon Spirit Stone and White Orb

    its not even gold its 1 copper .......