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  1. DST Challenge mode - A disapointment

    Imo such Challenge dungeons should have gear scaled to a certain point like in the old Poharan Event.
  2. Random Crash when opening boxes

    Thanks for the help, but as i said earlier I've already tried a repair.
  3. Random Crash when opening boxes

    Yes i am using buddy, but I believe it had it happen on normal client also, random boxes one time it was a HM reward box for moonstones etc, other time it was a purple reward box for pots n stuff
  4. Random Crash when opening boxes

    I have repaired it, also some of my guild mates have it too.
  5. At random when i hover a box and rmb click on it to open it, the game will crash, doesn't happen that often but when it does it's annoying .. especially when u're in a dungeon.
  6. How is Blade & Soul Doing?

    You're in a hell of a ride if you're a returning player who wants to play endgame content, it's gonna take you forever unless u cash out.
  7. unreal 4 pc and consoles

    Or maybe the game is poorly optimized and the servers are potatoes which causes my whole raid group to freeze for 2 seconds..
  8. unreal 4 pc and consoles

    any other special settings, are you turning off animations on classes in bnsbuddy?
  9. unreal 4 pc and consoles

    I'm OCing my 7600k at 4.8ghz with gtx 1080 and i'm still freezing with graphics set to the 3 slider.
  10. unreal 4 pc and consoles

    Pf have to wait for who knows when in 2019 to be able to (hopefully) play raids without the game spazzing out constantly.
  11. Naryu Sanctum HM isn't doable anymore lul

    i don't know what they were doin touchin boss mechanics n stuff but DD lat boss is also broken on HM. My guess is tweakin merchant tweaked the bosses lol.
  12. 7 Days Premium Free

    Apparently the premium codes are sent later than the wanderer pack
  13. Yesterday was totally unplayable but the bigger problem is that there is lag during non major updates like this, not to mention the un-optimized fps lag.
  14. I've lost all hope for the economy, every update it's nerf to mats while they show off their "buffs" hahaha we buffed daily challenge now u could get 0-1 moonstone but we took them from the weeklies which were a guaranteed number remember now u have a chance to get them so this is not just move them from weekly to daily its a pure nerf. Next they nerf weekly gold .... but we added 5g to daily challenge guys, absolutely disgusting.