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  1. Connection problem need some help. addresses do not belong to any ISP. They are reserved private addresses for local networks. For they are listed after the internet address 175.140.x.x it means that connection switched back to a local network route and indicates that you use a VPN- oder some other service to improve your ping. When ping is too high it might indicate that too many people are using this service at the same time or the service is disabled. When connection is completely lost NC might have blocked the current servers of the VPN/ping service and it takes some time till other routes/other servers fill in. If you do not know of any VPN or ping service your ISP might route you internally through some local servers and you should be suspicious why.... Anyway Amarathiel is right: You should talk to your ISP and/or VPN/ping service provider.
  2. Mao's Gloves

    When I farmed the necklace it was faster to me to kill bosses 1+2 instead of doing the whole run. I think I killed both bosses up to 300 times and dropped 6 Mao gloves. That was before the last patch. If drop rates are still the same I would say... after 100 very very boring kills of both bosses you'll get your gloves. Maybe. Drop rates in this game are a very bad joke.
  3. Weapon "reductions"

    I'm stuck at stage 4. Can't evolve anymore and - what is more annoying - too many players have already left. Some days it's not possible to do all of first 6 or 7 dungeons in F8. Waiting... waiting... waiting... and nobody joins. Maybe I'll playthis game until next wednesday and if nothing happens or is at least announced it's over. No fun, no nothing. Even Bless Online was better managed and more fun.
  4. ue 4 release - 45lvl server -new class

    No (new) content... How often do you think had I and others done Poha when our chars were 45? 100x, 200x, 2.000x? more? Yes, it would be nice to see Bns in its old state again. But that's it.
  5. DPS seems to be back to almost normal. Sometimes DPS is displayed quite low (700-800k) and it is a bit harder to maintain a good/perfect skill rotation but bosses die as fast as usual. Maybe some kind of display bug or lags I cannot measure. Well, thanks for the answers above!
  6. You are right. Other bosses scale differently (and of course I test my DPS against them too) but that's not the point. One day before maintenance my DPS was OK. A couple of hours after maintenance it dropped by serveral hundreds K everywhere. Longgui is only an example and longest lasting DPS benchmark. I first realized a massive drop running DST when my char did max. 800K DPS instead of 2M+ the day before. I felt like a HM22 noob with 1.8K AP and no DPS... The problem continued during weeklies so I went to F12 and compared values. @Amarathiel I hope you are right and it's only some kind of lag. I'll test it in the evening after work and then decide if it's finally time to quit.
  7. After yesterday's maintenance my HM22 BD suffers from a huge DPS loss. At the beginning of this week I upgraded my neck to +9 and checked DPS in F12 on Longui. Mean DPS rate was 1.2-1,3M. Bursts occured quite often and DPS went up to 1.7-2.0M. Yesterday after maintenance I was not able to do more than 1.1M DPS with bursts during weeklies. Mean rate dropped down to 700K (lol?), sometimes it was 600K (and a shame) and there were almost no DPS bursts anymore. Other classes had up to 8M DPS. Another BD in group with far better endgear had max. 2.3M DPS, which seemed a bit to low too. First I thought this could be caused by lags, FPS problems or other typical server related issues after a maintenance... but DPS was low in all dungeons the whole evening. So I went to F12, tested DPS on Longui and DPS mean value was down to 800-900K. I upgraded my neck to +10 and checked again. Mean DPS went up to 1M. Within 20 kills of Longui I had only one single burst und DPS went up to 1.7M for a short time. I removed my weapon and all accessories and put them on again. No effect. I changed my graphics details to lowest settings. No effect. To verify my results I tested DPS on Longui this morning at 7 AM again (Ping 80ms, 100 FPS, lowest graphics details to prevent lags, few players online). Results were the same :-( I could not figure out if some effects from accessories weren't triggered or didn't work as intended. I could see that effects from neck were shown as a symbol, stacked up to 3 but did not seem to have some effect on DPS. It's more than frustrating that 6 months of constant boring farming and upgrading is gone none and I'm back from TT-gear down to felt Raven. @Cyan Is this bug regarding BD skills and gear effects known? Please speak to your Devs. Does any BD else or event other classes have this problem too?
  8. Wonderful Patch

    That's what I thought too. To upgrade my weapon I "only" need 210 stones. So I went to 6vs6 but had only time to farm 2400 points and got 2 (!) Moonstones from boxes. If this wasn't just bad luck the rate had been lowered too. I had exspected up to 15-20 Moonstones. If it's the case the patch is even worse and I'm at a point where playing BnS becomes completely a waste of time.
  9. Mushins Turm

    Du kannst direkt per Windwandeln zum Turm. Einfach J drücken, Quest öffnen, unten rechts den Questort suchen und den Drachenstrom vom Turm anklicken.
  10. Loot-Recht

    Hallo Neuling ;-) Beim Looten gilt normalerweise: Wer am meisten bietet, bekommt das Item. Ungeschriebene Ausnahmen sind hier der Schwebende Altar und der 2. Boss im Kältelager. Um diese Bereiche betreten zu können, benötigt man eine spezielle Kugel, die man sich über die täglichen Herausforderungen erfarmen oder auf dem Markt (teuer) kaufen kann. Es hat sich daher eingebürgert, dass derjenige, der die Kugel spendiert sämtlichen Loot bekommt. Wenn Du also in F8 einer Gruppe für den Schwebenden Altar beitritts und in der Gruppensuche "MOML" (= my orb my loot) stand, dann solltest Du dort auf nichts bieten. Ansonsten gibt es noch eine Regel beim Raid "Himmelsspitze". Auch hier wird ein spezieller Schlüssel für einen Bereich benötigt und derjenige, der den spendiert, bekommt dann ebenfalls einen Teil des Loots. Bei der Gruppensuche wird aber auf diese Regel meist explizit hingewiesen. Zum Thema Endgame: Sobald Du mit der Storyline durch bist, mache zunächst sämtliche orangen Questreihen. Du bekommst dabei Schmuck, Soulshields und eine Waffe. Werte die Waffe auf eine Rabenwaffe auf. Danach/währenddessen mache einfach die täglichen Herausforderungen und auch die Mondblütenzuflucht. Wenn Dir einige Verliese zu schwer vorkommen, sei einfach frech und tritt in F8 einer Random-Gruppe bei. Alles bis zur Schattengischt ist dabei unproblematisch. Und wenn garnichts hilft... Standardantwort und bester Weg für Spaß: Tritt einer Gilde bei. Es ist deutlich leichter, Anfängerfragen kurz im Teamspeak/Discord zu besprechen, als alles im Chat oder im Forum nachzufragen. Wünsche Dir viel Spaß im Spiel!
  11. Twin klasse am suchen

    Wozu? Reine Zeitverschwendung. Keine einzige Beschreibung von Pro und Kontra wird Dir irgendwas bringen, solange Du die Klassen nicht selber ausprobierst. Erstelle Dir einfach zu jeder Klasse einen Twink. Abgesehen davon... das Forum hat eine Suchfunktion und genau Deine Frage wurde bereits x-mal beantwortet. Und falls Dir die Antworten nicht reichen... Youtube ist Dein Freund ;-)
  12. SEA server again !!!

    Two years ago we had dedicated BnS servers. Now the game is hosted on Amazon cloud servers. So... yes, something changed and he‘s not writing bs
  13. Do you even care at this point?

    The game was most fun late 2015 during betas. At that time my female Lyn had an incredible cheeky smile and great body animations which were sadly removed after launch to reduce CPU load. The char somehow lost its soul. Even after some of those animations were restored a couple of months after it never became the same. And of course.... open world PvP was just great and everywhere. It was fair and not p2w. Sadly beginning from april 2016 the game became beginner unfriendly and a bit p2w for the first time. Whales might be 5-10% of the server's population and can keep it up and running. But if 50% or more of the population leaves the next servermerge will happen. And afterwards? How funny is it to pay a LOT for a dead game on a single server while there are cheaper new nextgen MMORPGs where everybody else is? Why should one pay 1.000 to 5.000 dollars/euro to get some stupid ingame item while closed alpha access to game xyz cost less than 300 dollars/euro? If NC continues and doesn't care about a healthy player base whales won't stay.
  14. Das Kugelfragment der Schwarzrose scheint man nur noch von den Weeklies zu bekommen und nicht mehr von den täglichen Herausforderungen. Ist das Absicht und ein Bug?