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  1. For once not my Force Master! I am currently slowely gearing up my Destro;;
  2. Sold so much gold for swimsuits but it's soo worth it! ´w` (Sorry for so many pcitures but Bikinis and butt!!)
  3. Step one: Buy the bikini because it's pink. Step two: Like the wig more than the costume.
  4. Yay for more not-tower Junghado! Feat Franklin the pink wobbly penguin. (Also another yay because I finally got Spider Fangs! )
  5. I got it on my Sin at run #77 When i switched to FM I wanted the mask for her too, got it at run #204 My friend got it at run #7 on her BM Rng can be a Poopybutt! >:
  6. Ohh I love all the drawings in here ♥ So many cute styles urgh;; Here's my last drawing of my Force Master. (Now if only we could set profile pictures in game again T v T)
  7. *shoves more of my Force Master into your faces* LOOK AT MY PRETTY CHILD
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