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  1. Yeah, it's much to old of a program to be using in 2016. No safeguard against bots either. Glad some of you guys got it to work!
  2. Disabling my AVG protection fixed it for me. Might be an antivirus conflict for some of your guys as well
  3. I'm not bad at BM Kurotenshi, lol. (for reference I have a level 37 summoner in platinum) MUCH BALANCE
  4. I'm quite aware of this, but it seems unreasonable for us to have to wait till 50 to be on even footing with other classes in PvP. We're playing on the level 50 balancing patches with level 45 abilities....
  5. So......is this ever going to be addressed or are all us Blademaster players screwed until level 50 content is released? (it's honestly seriously annoying, game quitting annoying.) You have to play perfect just to win games at 1800 rating, unable to go any further while other classes just faceroll.
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