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  1. Regium Corvus

    I believe in one of their twitch streams they had mentioned that Both Regium corvus and Night luna will be available to the opposite regions later on, or even come back on their respective regions as event costumes.
  2. Name Swap Option

    Yes, you are correct when you say this is a peculiar case, however I asked my guild if they do name swaps and about 10 of them told me to tell them how it goes so they can consider/do it as well. OFC 10 people in my guild is just a small minority in the community so the number doesn't mean anything in the grand scheme. But If theres just 10 people in my guild then there could be more people who want to do it, I feel like people don't normally think about name swaps until it has been suggested to them. I personally have an IGN I like to be known for and would like to not have to switch to being called something else because a better class comes out. I think this would be useful for people who really care about their title in the game. For example the #1 rank pvper, wants to still have the IGN on a new class because that's who people remember. Or streamers etc. Especially people who name reserved with a founders pack. I'm pretty sure they somewhat care about IGNs or will even consider swapping if it was an option. Also, games I've played switched IGNs in 2-3 days or even within the day so I'm assuming it isn't a very difficult or time consuming action. Noting that, I don't think it should matter if only a minority of people want to do this because they're still making money off it regardless. :)
  3. Name Swap Option

    So I had recently decided I wanted to use my summoners IGN for my force master, but I don't want to delete my summoner. I sent a ticket asking if they can swap the IGNs and they told me they had no means to do so, and to post on forums to see how many others would like this option to be considered for the developers. Some games I've played have been able to swap names pretty easily after sending them a ticket. Idk how often this forum is read by staff or if they bother reading suggestions etc, so this might even be hopeless, but worth a try, I guess. I've seen some forum posts on people wanting to change their characters IGN so that they can use it on a newer character. And asking about the 24 hr wait and when the name will be released and if people can snipe it. So I figured if this thread gets enough attention perhaps they will consider implementing a name swap option, or just doing it manually for people to send tickets with the NCoin on their account already, during server downtimes. For example Lvl 45 FM named Apple, Lvl 45 KFM named Banana. It would cost a lot of money to name change Apple to Orange, just so Apple can be free for you to name change Banana to Apple. That of course, is if you don't want to delete your character with their maxed gear or whatever. Even if you say ykno what I don't care about Apple and delete it, you have to wait 24 hours for the name to open up, there's still a chance someone might snipe the name if its a really common word. I feel like this would be a nice option for when newer classes come out and people who want to switch mains and want to keep their IGNs will be able to. tldr: Name swapping two character's IGNs (must be same account) option to keep your favorite IGN or want a consistent IGN people remember/know you for, for when a new class comes out etc. without having to delete your character who you've invested time in. Please like the thread so staff can see if you would like this option to be considered by developers. Thanks :^ )