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  1. This is absolutely shocking. How is it even surviving in those regions? Just with whales? Is that why there is never any decent group content or expansions... they've gone with the fat whale strategy?!
  2. 2020 fresh profitable wishes/ideas for BNS ^-^

    Here's a profitable idea: completely overhaul endgame gearing and dailies so its actually fun and not a chore. And add more ACTUAL content. I severely mistreated endgame back in 2014, and I regret it, its worse than ever. I think Black Desert Online has a far more fun and rewarding endgame content. It's that bad in Blade and Soul. UE4 will not save this game :(
  3. We all know that UE4 is definitely not enough to save this game. There needs to be a huge overhaul of endgame content and gearing. I don't know why they went the direction they did, but after 3.5 years I'm so disgusted at how convoluted, time consuming and rng-based gearing is. It definitely proves entropy: you put in so much effort and get basically nothing in return. There is so little content. Ugh.
  4. Honestly after watching very dedicated players on YouTube/Twitch I have to agree with the complaints here. The farming and grind is INSANE for such little content. No wonder why new players are immediately discouraged to play and veterans are moving on fast. I used to think gearing was cancerous in 2014 & while I was playing on the chinese server but boy oh boy was I SO WRONG. Now it's beyond unfair. It's such a shame because the combat is so unique and fun & it has a distinct style. It's real disappointing how the devs approached endgame, if you can't see that as a player I'm speechless... If they just copied games like ESO and FF14 or even Guild Wars 2 which is published BY THEM ! in terms of endgame content, THIS GAME WOULD STILL BE ALIVE. I'm just so frustrated to see this game die when it's my absolute favourite in terms of style, costumes, classes, combat.
  5. This is my favourite answer. Thanks for the help. Hey I'm kind of necro'ing this post but can you give me more information of classes that are just not worth your time and energy? This is blade and soul, and I don't believe what other posters are saying 'all classes are viable'. For example when I played 2013-2014 destroyer was a trash class compared to everything else and at one point even summoner was far underpowered (although I'm not sure if that's still the case here). Nevermind, im only going to play up to story completion. I'm not even slightly interested in the messy/contentless endgame
  6. Hey everyone, I only played this game when it was released till level 36 and previously the chinese server. WOW so many things have completely changed and I just want to know if it's worth getting into right now in 2020: 1. Is crafting viable AT ALL? I've been reading around forums and apparently all crafting is just a MONEY SINK and mostly recommended against it. 2. Is there good class balance? Last time I played (release) some classes were absolutely useless compared to others e.g. Destroyer & to some degree Summoner 3. Is endgame a complete money sink with lots of RNG? I appreciate any input! thanks
  7. Destroyer DPS lackluster in PvE

    I'm immensely sad to hear my favourite class being so d*** useless now... So what IS the best dps class if all of them are played in the same skill level?
  8. Weapon skins question...

    Even the cash shop ones?? Wow I can't believe it...
  9. Weapon skins question...

    Hey all! was wondering if you can get back the weapon skin after you revert appearance (for cash shop skins and founder's pack skin)? Thanks!
  10. So I'm level 38 and moved onto moonwater plains with my yellow quest but I still can't receive the daily for Tomb of the Exiles dungeon? Anyone know If i should keep going with my yellow quest or just grind out the blues around the Tomb of Exiles area? Thanks
  11. Thank you NCSoft for non-RNG box outfit.

    You made me laugh thanks :DDDDDDDDDDDD I'm off to buy a free-range organic beef tenderloin edit: I know that costs an arm and foot but you only live once as Meerkat said here lol
  12. Why all of the mmorpg today is easy easy ?

    If you like grind and hardcore MMORPG with Tank, Healer, Etc. I suggest Everquest 1. It's still very popular :) If you want F2P Hardcore there are plenty. Lineage 2 has a new server with no expansions....meaning it's the hardest :)
  13. New costumes in Hongmoon Store

    Dulfy! Any chance you would be adding a tab of Blade and Soul on your website? :) if its you of course XD
  14. I also want to know if EU servers will get the NA costume and vice versa?