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  1. @Grimoir literary what @Fufia said. You have no clue what you're talking about. RTX cards don't emulate ray tracing if the game doesn't have Ray tracing option in it's settings. RTX cards have poor performance with ray tracing on in games that support it, and currently only 2 or 3 games have ray tracing support. And that's only if you turn the ray tracing option on in the games settings. With ray tracing off, RTX cards outperform their previous generations counterparts.


    @CrimsonDusk i too have a RTX card and have similar issue. I have done everything i could find in BnS forums to boost the performance. Even some Win 10 layout scaling (for the one recommending it - it was already 100%) setting BS. In heavily populated areas (like Mushin tower during peak online time), raids, Outlaw Island 4th boss area, i have 40-50ish fps while GPU usage sits somewhere between 40-50%. In some areas it goes up to 60-70%, but doesn't seem to be related with how many ppl are around. And i have tried with low/medium/high/max settings, always the same.


    I too have a feeling that RTX cards themselves have a problem with BnS, or specifically, the RTX driver.


    Just to make it clear, some of the recommendations helped a bit, but don't expect 60+ fps in areas where you currently have horrible fps.


    What i have tried:

    BnS buddy Multicore enhancement - helped a bit overall.

    BnS buddy class animation disabling (of classes that you don't play) -  helped considerably in raids and dungeons.

    Nvidia BnS profile fix - helped a bit overall.

    High priority for BnS process - helped a bit overall.

    Nvidia driver Physix processor to GPU - helped a bit overall.

    Assigning specific cores to BnS - no changes and 1st point does it better.

    Windows layout scaling setting - no changes.

    Uninstalling/Disabling Bluetooth driver/device - no changes.


    Might have missed some "recommended" performance fixes, but those should more or less cover it.

  2. @OP

    You can try bnsbudy, it seems to have a fix loading screen issues option, it might help you without any purchases.



    Tried bnsbuddy, now i get 70-90 in heavily populated areas, haven't tried raids atm. But the GPU usage jumps from 45% to 70%, so it also rises the bar of resource limit used by BnS. With the options provided by @Fiana (much appreciated), 1070ti/1080 should be enough to max BnS at 1440p an have a smooth fps (still have to check raids).



    Haha, no, there were just too few ppl online. 30-40 fps in Mushins Tower when there are a lot of ppl. and gpu usage stays at 45% there. Might be really RTX related.

    Same in MSP.

  3. 14 minutes ago, Fiana said:

    you should try bns buddy too, it's can stabilize your fps

    Have heard about it on multiple occasions. I don't feel particulary comfortable by having to enter login credentials in a 3rd party software to run BnS.

    But it seems to have source code available, will review it to see if i can find anything fishy and make my decision based on that.

  4. I don't do raids often, but i did BT yesterday, the method provided in video didn't improve much in that area, was getting mostly 30-40 fps, might have jumped to 45, but i didn't pay that much attention to it at that moment, simply disabled other characters instinctively with Ctrl F and went on with the raid.


    Those 60+ are only in heavily populated areas.

    In dungeons, less populated areas and raids with disabled characters i get constant 120 fps with the same gpu(45-55%)/cpu(20-30%) usage as in heavily populated areas.

    I still have to test Koldrak. Previously my fps dropped below 60 there even with other characters disabled there.

    In any case, the glaring issue with BnS is that available resource usage doesn't rise when fps drops. Though i can't guarantee that the cause isn't with RTX series themselves, after all they are rather fresh. We would need someone with 1080 ti to confirm that for him/her the gpu also sins't fully utilized.


    All of the above was at max settings, 1440p.

  5. Outside of loading screens my cpu usage stays at something like 25%. I'm talking about the loading screen itself, i sometimes get 100% during loading screen, so your case might be related to CPU.


    It's not necessary to install OS on your SSD, but your OS would work a lot faster if it was installed there.

    FYI, try to keep 20-30% of your SSD free for longevity. The fuller they are for prolonged periods of time, the faster they die.

  6. 1 hour ago, The Shadower said:

    Update: tried what the video says and it maybe helped a tiny bit. Not Much difference. Anyway, I have OC my GPU a bit and it did help. I'm content with the performance. The only thing that bothers me is the delay in arena when the match starts, it loads 1sec later even if I turn down graphics all the way to lowest. Would getting a SSD solve this issue?

    It most probably will, but it isn't guaranteed. It only will only help if the issue is caused due to slow read speed from hdd. If it's a different cause... For example, it could also be CPU, i have even seen my 8700k spike to 100% usage during BnS loading screen, that's the only time i have seen my CPU at 100% (except for stress test).



    You no grandpa of mine! The video helped considerably, at Mushins Tower and Jadestone Village i sometimes drop to low 50s for short moments, but mostly it's above 60 in those areas. GPU usage 45-55%, vram usage a bit bellow 2 gB at max settings 1440p. So 3 gB of vram isn't limiting BnS, i was wrong about that.


    But my estimation stands. 1070 is enough to max BnS at 1440p (as long as the other hardware parts are appropriate) and play at the same fps as 2080 ti. Reason being that if you google 1070 vs 2080 ti, you will see that 2080 ti is only ~100% faster than 1070. So, while the math is rather ruf, the general point is that 1070 at 100% = 2080 ti at 50%.

    The necessity of 1080ti/2080 to play BnS at max settings on 1440p is BS.



    Can provide screens with my gpu usage, if necessary.

  7. 12 minutes ago, The Shadower said:

    Wow, thank you all so much for your help!

    I will try doing what the video linked here says and tell you my results.

    I kinda got mixed opinions though, I am looking to inprove my specs but now I'm not sure of I should get a better GPU, SSD,CPU or more RAM. I can't get them all 😆

    What would have the most impact on performance?

    CPU+GPU would give you the most gain. SSDs only impact your loading times, not your fps.

    But make sure you get an adequate CPU cooler, else you will have a bad time :)

  8. To give some feedback to OP.


    Your upgrade paths are rather tricky.

    The expensive ways:

    Get a current-ish gen CPU with ~4 GHz, but in that case you also have to change your motherboard and RAM.

    But going this way, you should pretty much consider a new PC.


    Cheep way, but somewhat bothersome way:

    Your motherboard should support 2nd and 3rd gen i3/i5/i7 CPUs (but make sure your bios is updated), so scourge your available resources for used i7-2700k/i7-3770k (while i doubt you have a OC motherboard, the K CPUs have a little higher base frequency, it should help a bit over the non-K versions).

    You shouldn't have to change RAM.


    GPU wise, as long as you play in 1080p, i would recommend upgrading to at least 1060 6gB.

    The market should still be flooded with used 1060 cards from the crypto mining craze, so you should be able to find used one cheaply.


    RAM wise, you should be okay with 8 gB of ram. 16 gB is recommended new days, but 8 gB is bearable.

  9. 26 minutes ago, Racingwind said:

    Actually, I just realized that we didn't define what resolution we're talking about, because that's important! 1080p res, 1070 ti should get decent frames, around 65 or so, depending on your cpu. To get higher than that in raids will need 1080 ti (no point for a 1080 cuz 1070 ti OC is about that grade). 1080p is probably what you are thinking of. I on the other hand, forgot that I run 1440p monitor, so my requirements on gpu will be higher, doh!

    Mine is also 1440p :)

    But yeah, leaving resolution out of the conversation was unprofessional from both of our sides. It's a major factor in gaming performance.

  10. 5 minutes ago, Racingwind said:

    The gpu can get pegged when you've properly configured it like the video that was linked. And when I said people are playing on high / ultra with over 60 fps, I mean exactly that. I don't mean they lower their settings, they have everything maxed, it's possible, you need to configure things properly though, and hardware wise needs to have everything lined up properly in terms of cpu / gpu combination.

    Will try the link after work. And if the GPU usage will get anywhere close to 100%, i'll apologise for calling BS on your statement and call you even my grandpa!

     Aside from that, judging from my own experience, GPU wise you should be able to max out BnS with 1070, worst case 1080. 1060 should do very well, in your case the problem should 3 gB of vram, the 6 gB vram version does a lot better in games. 

    My only beef was 1080 ti/2080 for high/ultra. I see no issue with the rest of your statements.


  11. 10 hours ago, Racingwind said:

    I have a gtx 1060 3gb and it's pegged out when the graphics setting at medium at 30 fps in raids. You need not just a beast of a cpu, you also need something like a gtx 1080 ti or a rtx 2080 for high / ultra.



    2080 ti

    32 gB ram

    Win 10 64 bit

    SSDs only.


    On max settings GPU usage max 50%. In raids and heavily populated areas fps 20-40. BnS has pis poor optimization and your hardware won't change that.

    You can improve your performance but there is a limit to it as the game simply doesn't even bother to fully utilize the resources available.

  12. As the title indicates, i recommend introducing 7 day premium membership purchases/gifts.


    The lvl 15 limitations are rather annoying when you have invited a friend to try out the game. Hence i wouldn't mind gifting them premium for the start, if there was a cheaper one then the ~10 eur one. That way they wouldn't feel the limitations when trying out the game.

    Pretty sure there are other benefits that ppl can come up with.


    Unless I'm mistaken and all the lvl 15 limitations also apply to premium ppl?

  13. Could you explain why lot of people have horrible ping/lag when playing then?

    Because basically atm you're only saying that it works fine for you and others don't really matter.

    Even tho 81 or 66 would be higher then normal for connecting to central Europe imo, it still should not make me have around 3-4 sec delays on all my skills.


    Then your problem isn't in latency. Because your latency is around 66 ms or 81 ms and thats below 0.1 second.

    3-4 seconds would mean 3000-4000 ms latency, which obviously isn't what resource monitor reports.

    If you get those 3-4 seconds occasionally, then you should try keeping an eye on the resource monitor to see if it also registers such spikes at those moments.

    Anyway, there are a lot of devices between your PC and the server and the problem can originate from any of them, including your PC and the server ofc. But the server fault is somewhat questionable, as there are a lot of ppl playing without issues. Then again, there are a lot of ppl reporting lag spikes on this server and having no issues on other servers.

    Ask for help from some network/tech expert, i don't get paid for this  ;)

    I did another tracer using the EU server ip. The first tracer i did was with the NA ip and it worked fine with no issues but with the EU one, this is what i got.


    Microsoft Windows [Version 6.3.9600]

    © 2013 Microsoft Corporation. Med ensamrätt.


    Tracing route to []

    over a maximum of 30 hops:

      1     2 ms     3 ms     6 ms []

      2    37 ms    28 ms    36 ms []

      3    25 ms    46 ms    35 ms []

      4    37 ms    34 ms    51 ms []

      5    25 ms    27 ms    41 ms []

      6    44 ms    31 ms    30 ms []

      7    32 ms    37 ms    43 ms []

      8 []  reports: Destination n

    et unreachable.

    Trace complete.



    This is what a lot of EU people have issues with i assume. The NA ip works fine but the ip for the EU servers in Germany is a problem. This either means that we are unable to reach NCsoft EU servers or a shit load of people have problems with their internet, including myself even though everything works fine with everything except B&S EU. Hopefully this information can help in some way.


    Or the default ports used for tracert/ping (ICMP services) are closed or moved to other ports for security reasons?

    Or tracert/ping (ICMP services) are blocked on server side by firewall for security reasons?


    Just learned, that ICMP doesn't use ports, thanks for clarifying Youmukon.

  14. not a good sign :(


    Draw the Remote column a bit wider, one of the 81 or 66 seems to be for

    The 250 ones should be for market n shet.


    The Location reported by various tools may be inaccurate. is physically located in Europe.


    I just checked latency on my end and the value I am getting from the United Kingdom are in line with what I'm supposed to have for a Brighton > Frankfurt.

    Thanks for shedding some light on this. Would like to ask one more question.
    Are there any network related improvements planned or the latency we get now, is the one we should count on when B&S goes live?

  15. after chating with some IT guy on skype i figured that might be authentication server IP and  might be the actual EU ip..


    That's then one fancy authentication server, that needs a regular 1-3 kB/s data stream (depending on how much you move around). Second highest data stream for client is 80-90 B/s.

    I fail to see where you got "".


    Anyway for me the average ping with is 100, min 50, max 260.

    Accordingly there are some lag spikes.

  16. Can't say I have tried, but I'm pretty sure you can sell HCoin on market.

    And if you would get premium only for creating them, then the buyer wouldn't be able to get any premium points.

    But if you would allow to get premium from buying HCoin from market, then you can sell/buy between 2 ppl up to rank 10.

    And if you allow to get premium points from spending Hcoins bought in market, you get the issue Brogg mentioned.


    Loopholes, loopholes everywhere.



    Give premium points for creating Hongmoon Coins, not spending.



    With buying HCoin for Gold, they would also get their points up.


    See the problem? Your intentions might be good, but it looks more like you are asking for a system, where it's possible to scam.