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  1. I just came back to play the game, see whats changed. Looks like they redid all the builds, so I picked the Fire build for my FM. I am uncertain though how to utilize or set my martial tome points for my FM. Is there a site that gives suggested builds for FM? Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. I don't think you can once you have already put your credit card info in and made any type of purchase. You may have to mail them and ask them to remove the card. In addition you can buy Ncoin from Amazon and bypass any purchase restrictions, but in all honesty with all the issues of missing outfits, missing Ncoin etc, etc. I wouldn't buy anything right now until they get some of these issues resolved.
  3. I am not sure if they apply this to the Amazon Ncoin codes but maybe next time just buy the Ncoin through Amazon instead of using your card or PayPal??
  4. Why not? They show a number of NPCs and characters that have gatling guns and rifles.
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