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  1. I just came back to play the game, see whats changed. Looks like they redid all the builds, so I picked the Fire build for my FM. I am uncertain though how to utilize or set my martial tome points for my FM. Is there a site that gives suggested builds for FM? Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. I am not sure what happened, as I was able to get into the game a few days ago. Now I can't even get past the log in screen without this popping up. I have tried restarting my computer, adding the game to my applications list, completely disabling my AVG antivirus, and it is still popping up.
  3. Players can harass you in game and get away with it.

    Get in a guild and have your guild mates run with you to do the daily PVP quests. In addition you can always change the channel to get away from those who do this. If your being harrassed by someone in game via /whisper then just put them on ignore list.
  4. Bump for visibility.. mods
  5. I am getting the same thing today. I saw this link on Reddit Anyone else getting this message when trying to log onto the forums or into your Ncsoft account??
  6. I did! I am still enjoying the game..
  7. I cannot complete the story line quest. when my character enters the cave she gets stuck in the actual portal to the cave. I have logged out and in and tried several times to get into the cave and repeatedly get stuck in the portal.
  8. Bug, NPC is only visible via her head, the rest of her body is in the floor.
  9. No they haven't done this in the other games. I played Aion when it first launched and for a good 5 years. That game wasn't anywhere near the crap this game is with all the issues. It's ok though Ncsoft has lost me. They won't refund my monthly sub even though I paid in advance of it renewing, they won't refund my Ncoin for the missing Scarlet Shade Outfit, my Founders Pack titles are all gone and all I get is "we apologize..", and many many other issues. I am now done. I just paid for a sub renewal of two of my other games from Blizzard and I am not playing this game anymore nor am I paying anymore money. Nope I don't need to do a goodbye thread, cause I am just gone.

    A lot of folks feeling frustration also.. I just posted about the Redditors who are all saying they are done with this game. There are so many issues still and nothing has been done about them or addressed
  11. NCsoft you better wake up, unless you don't care about the longevity of this game..

    I just posted that mine are missing too.. but I think they deleted the thread. I haven't seen ANY representative talk about this issue, nothing no one, nadda zip.. The Scarlet Shade outfits are still missing too, we are now going on a month since the outfits disappeared.
  13. yea, now add to the list the missing character titles for those of us he bought the Founders packs! No news, nothing from any representative on the forums, nothing on Twitter.
  14. I have submitted another ticket yet again on another major issue. I haven't seen ANY response from ANY Ncsoft representative on this issue on the forums. I checked Twitter and didn't see anything there either. When is this going to be restored or fixed???