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  1. You're right. I just checked the wardrobe (f3) model and it seems to work just fine here, but for the playable model, it's broken.
  2. It's a very subtle, non gamebreaking bug, or maybe it's intentional. I noticed it because I like to take a lot of screenshots, and saw that my character's face is pretty much expressionless now. The character's facial animations are stuck, namely the eyes and lips. Before the patch they used to move during standard idle. Like the eyelids would move, up and down ever so slightly (they used to blink every now and then), and the lips would also move (pursing movement, smile here and there) during standard idle standing stance. Regular idle animations such as character's fa
  3. Daily dash is acct wide, so no.
  4. Anything you buy in cash shop gets sent to your Rewards Mail, which is basically your acct mail. Just leave it in there until you make your warlock and then pull it out once you make one.
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