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  1. Hi everyone, Just returned from a really long hiatus ( altough I never stick with the game for long cause of my ping ) and I see a lot of stuff has changed. May I know what I should be doing in order to progress ? I just finished the story quest and got my baleful weapon , my gloves, my soul shield and so on, I basically quitted when Asura came out. Right now I have about 820 AP , lucent / pinnacle / solak accessories ( and soul ) .
  2. I know how much time it takes...been playing from alpha up to the Yeti's patch and I did always manage to get BiS gear... But the point is that while other people could just time all their dodges , deal more damage than I did with worse gear ( LBM is 1.78 times faster at 50 ms compared to 200....basically 2x attack speed ) , clear timered bosses and get higher ranks in pvp with less efforts....I just couldn't. It took me I don't know how many months and hours a day to get up to the point where I was....and still it was unbearable to see the difference between my speed and some NA player's. Not getting anything in return for our time or money just feels bad. It feels like a fraud to be honest...and yet it's legal....which is the last drop. My transfer was denied , my outfits transfer as well....I did just quit at that point...like many others did.
  3. Sorry to hear that.... expecially cause I have the same issue . Bought the master founder pack during alpha and started playing back then , got lots of costumes and had fun with my friends for a while despite my latency making it impossible for me to play the game....and when my friends quit after a couple of months and I asked for a transfer to EU....nope. I then asked for my costumes to be transfered at least since they were unique items....nope. Then I did just quit, I won't WASTE more money on some game where the publisher company doesn't even make my rights be worth anything. Haven't been playing in about 10 months and I won't come back supporting BnS if this is how much you care about us players....you lost lots of customers cause of this during the beta and even post-beta days. At least allow players to transfer their outfits between regions so they won't mind having to re-level and re-gear up their characters, which does already take months and months of work.
  4. Server transfers?

    Master pack items will but any other items will not. That's the reason why no one would ever feel like restarting in a different region and they prefer to quit the game instead. Some cosmetic items in particular were sold from your company for a limited time only , why should I....your paying customer...be forced to feel like I threw my money into the toilet cause I wanted to play with my friends from another region ? Not to talk about the time and efforts it takes to level and gear up a character....cause you know...it takes months and months and months. Anyway, talking about Batman / universes / character specific key...I agree on the fact that it's something hard to do but as you stated, it's not impossible, it's a matter of finding or creating an available key. I do posses the same names even on EU so no risk to overwrite those either...I think it would just be a matter of reworking the keys system.
  5. LBM with high ping ?

    Any tips about doing pve / pvp content with a 180 / 200+ ms ping as a blade dancer ? I'm kind of sick to feel limited due to my connection ( I'm from EU but I'm playing on NA cause my friends are there ) but at the same time we don't have any kind of transfer between regions. I also got some unique stuff on my account and I spent months and months playing the game since alpha so I really wouldn't like to restart everything from scratch. At the same time it's tough to see everyone else getting all dodges and counters right and dealing damage at a much higher speed than you only cause they don't get such a delay. I really like my class and I'm always trying to improve but it's not so nice when you need to put a lot more effort only to reach the other BDs standards .
  6. It's something that has to be done. As previously stated by other people...there are lots of players who picked NA / EU despite belonging to different countries only to play with their friends or to look for an alternative community. I myself had initially bought the founder pack to play with my guildies on NA but I just can't afford doing so due to the ping I get on their servers ; I struggled as much as I could to reach the level cap and be able to gear myself up, get HM skills , levels and run end-game content and it's true that I actually did it.....but I have to make a lot more efforts than they do, there's quite a difference between 30 ms and 200....I can't even be competitive in pvp , I reach platinum and immediately get pushed back....not to talk about the insane lag in both arena and dungeons. Dodging is harder, dealing damage is cause you are slower...I simply can not enjoy the game anymore like this...and I can't blame all those people who quit for this very reason. What NC doesn't seem to get is that they should listen to their playerbase and implement some constructive stuff in order to fix what's wrong before they can get their players back or even before they can catch some new ones' attenction. The game is going to sink if they do just keep not showing that they care...there are threads like this everywhere...and they kept coming out since alpha and beta. It's time for them to do something.
  7. I agree, we need a region transfer....lots of players complained about the fact there isn't one and many of us even quit cause of it.....me included, I can't play seriously with the ping I get on NA servers, been playing since alpha up to silverfrost patch and then had to stop cause it took me a lot more effort to do everything than it did to the other players. I joined NA to play with my friends and guildies from other games but while I can still play those by getting something like 150 ms I get a 300+ ms ping in BnS and this game relies on ping a lot more than many others. It would feel really bad to know that my money as founder got wasted as well all my unique outfits , months and months spent leveling characters and gearing them up to make them take part in end game pve and pvp. This is just not fair.....a region transfer is possible, they have all the tools they need to make it happen.
  8. Change Region?

    How about unique costumes and items though ? I started playing during alpha and I have some things I absolutely wouldn't like to lose by "restarting from scratch" in EU ( cause the ping on NA is unbearable, I thought I would have been able to play there with my friends but I just can't ) . Also....I don't really feel like throwing months and months spent leveling , gearing up , getting HM skills , crafting mats and doing every single other thing in the toilet , it really isn't fair .
  9. Server transfer

    In this case I'm glad I quit this game during Silverfrost patch. The lag was unbearable but I absolutely wanted to play with my friends on NA servers....even bought founder pack , leveled 'til 50 and took part in end game despite having to play with 300+ ms. I was hoping in a transfer between regions but....whatever....
  10. Could anyone explain me how the dailies in the new area do even work ? I accept the requests from the npc, I attack the bosses with my alliance comrades, I get a small bunch of contribution points , no kill counts towards the daily completion AT ALL despite the fact I'm more than sure my dps isn't low, move to the next boss, get eventually wrecked by some ogre's aoe....and also lose those contribution points ( which would be okay if I at least got the kill counts for the previous bosses ) . Practically.....as a melee class....this only feels like a huge waste of time . It's like if I was like " okay, I really want to waste 1-2 hours of my life now, let's go to the plains " . Anyone having the same problems or is it just me ? And more importantly.....does anyone have any tips / suggestions about how to solve this ? Dodging by using 0.5 secs frames when you get an op lag due to all ranged classes flashy skills is just impossible.
  11. Time to nerf Blade dancers ?

    BD actually takes a lot of skill , it's not just a "spin to win" matter and you can't understand that unless you play the class yourself. The same pretty much applies to every other class in the game, without talking about the fact that every class is weak to some other specific one... Their chi recovery is the same as yours, they only have 2 skills that allow them to recover chi and they consume it at light speed cause that's the way the class has been projected. Just stop crying if you can't beat one class and do your best to improve and learn the other classes mechs so you'll do better in the future. It's easy to say "nerf this class cause I can't beat them" , in this case let's also nerf KFM , Sin , BM , FM and...uhm....all the others ? So that once all classes got nerfed we can keep crying about them until the game becomes unplayable ? BDs have one 5 secs immunity skill and a 2 secs one whose cd is also pretty long and that should be used as a cc instead ; other classes have ice or vines to lock you in place , stuns and KDs talking about kfms and BMs , some classes have block, others self heals , ranged skills immunity , cats and so on... Do not just think before saying one class is op, play it until 45 and keep doing so once you reach that level, if you find it op instead of balanced at that point then you are free to express your opinion.
  12. Blade Dancer Races

    Blade dancer is always going to be Lyn locked ; the original class name is Lyn blademaster as counterpart to the normal blademaster class that's not available to Lyns.
  13. Hi, I was actually leveling my forcemaster until I reached this part of the story quest in the moonwater area ; I should enter the Twilight Garden ( right next to Brighstone village ) but the portal dividing the mini instance from the open world is not working : I run through it and inevitably end up getting stuck in it....I tried waiting , using the unstuck feauture and trying again , restarting my client , running a repair...nothing worked. I don't know if any other players on Jiwan are having the same problem, it would be nice to receive any tips from people who had to face similar bugs though or at least to hope for a fix, not being able to level up can be boring.
  14. I still find it silly....as quite a few other things anyway....but still...
  15. Hi everyone, I completed the daily dash circuit yesterday and I thought it would re-started all over today allowing me to get some nice items as usual ( even though this daily dash version feels worse than beta's ) but that didn't happen, I have all my 3 daily spins available yet I can not do anything . Now....what's the point in even calling it " daily dash " if I won't be able to use it again 'til they change the circuit ? Shall I just sit here without not getting anything for 18 more days ? That's just ridiculous. =|