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  1. radiant ring bug has not been addressed. nor has it been admitted as a known issue. no official announcements have been made about this issue.
  2. Dailies and me.

    I have taunt on my cat for safety... when oh shit... need to get hate off me moment.... i had two destroyers in naryu lab... neither were tanking...
  3. my arena journey was a disaster

    ask somebody to spar with you.
  4. relics from the maze

    Honorary Ornament do drop from 6man naryu. saw one drop, two days ago
  5. Radiant Ring Issues Still No fix!

    we cant craft accessories, even after reaching rank 3 for radiant ring.... and learning our secret techniques....
  6. Consensus on PvE Macros

    tp gear... put that haste on... and then ws gear... need more strength.... you kind of had to in ffxi....
  7. Sparkling Hexagem Chest Question

    wtf? seriously, you need one mushin medal?
  8. Radiant Ring Issues Still No fix!

    i opened a ticked three times already... and posted so much on this website about this issue..... with no response from the mods.... even asked the mods to link all the radiant ring threads/posts together..... not one word from the mods.... or ncsoft
  9. Mushin 8F quick guide

    how many times do we have to kill him? .... mushins hp got higher after every kill..... also, the guy had like 60k hp..... and hm 8..... oh, it is a clone that we have to kill three times....
  10. The 3 Groups that Enter Bloodshade Harbor

    some are talking about 24 man as well..... i just go solo those.....
  11. The 3 Groups that Enter Bloodshade Harbor

    most of us are talking about 6man
  12. Is PVP easy for you guys?

    just tried tag team... ended up with 2 summoner bots on my team...... and then had another summoner bot on the other team... during a second match..... and they didnt have bot names..... like zzfdkfjkd
  13. radiant ring has no accs

    i opened another ticket today. this is the response that i received: Tim (Blade and Soul) Mar 1, 11:56 Hi there, Thank you for contacting the Blade and Soul Support Team. We will forward your report to the development team so that they can investigate the issue. However, we will be unable to personally email you about the investigation but any updates will be announced on our website and forums: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/en/ If you have any other details that may help with the investigation or if you have any other concern, please don’t hesitate to contact us again. Regards, Tim NCSOFT Support Team
  14. Looting Scam - is it bannable?

    most likely the mods will close this down and ask you to remove the picture.... they ask not to shame and blame.... and they will not ban anyone for this... working as intended......

    tomorrow it is going to be worst after patch/maintenance