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  1. Strongest PvE Class?

    Well there are differences right now, cause the balancing will be final if we got content to lvl 50 (at least I got told that). I played Force Master, Kung Fu Master, Blade Master and Destroyer, and the last one (Destroyer) was the easiest. He has much cc and quite the strong self healing effects.
  2. Lyn Blade Dancer guide

    Take a look here: Maybe that helps. Else, try youtube for, maybe you find something there. ;)
  3. Cross-Character Wardrobe.

    Especially keeping in mind that the outfits you buy in the shop are bound to one character too. Paying 15~20€ for an Outfit, that only one character can use is very expensive. I dont mind, that the ingame outfits have to be unlocked with every character, but the shop content should be somewhat account wide or way cheaper. I would be more willing to pay real money for costumes and stuff if I don't have to bind them to only one of my chars. (And yes, this is f2p, but it still could be a better system.)
  4. 2 character slots really?

    You could craft Hongmoon Coins and buy the slots with that.
  5. KabelBW/Unitymedia Hatten am Anfang nen paar Probleme als Unitymedia KabelBW übernommen hat, mittlerweile läuft aber alles glatt. Zumindest hatte ich seit unserem Umzug for einem halben Jahr keine wirklichen Probleme mehr. (Hatte selbst keine Lagg Probleme in BnS. Andere Spiele bei denen bis jetzt auch alles lief: LoL, BDO, GW2, HotS, Diablo 3, WoW also vieles)