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  1. Only thing I have seen since head start is more problems. When they do fix something it is insignificant, or breaks again in a couple days. Only thing I can think of is a)they don't care as long as they making money, b) their communication is garbage, c) the dev team spends more time taking breaks then fixing code, d) they secrety outsourced the game fixes to EA.
  2. I know there is one skill for lbd (at least) that requires a royal en bean to unlock. i know of no other way to get that besides using zen beans, and the only way i know of gettign those is pvp. although i think you do get some fi you lose, so i guess yo ucan eventually get even if your really bad at pvp or you just wanan afk through matches?
  3. Yeah... I tried defending the game, but I know when to call it quits. I am tired of spending so much time in game blocking spam to try and sue in game chat. I get whisper spammed, so can't even talk with friends privately. Forced to resort to party only chat with everything else turned off. Try to use forums, forums spammed. Try to use support, takes almost a full day to get a reply. Ask what they are doing about it, no response. They finally do 'something', works for a day, bots get around it. They ignore advice to use proven systems to reduce stuff. They just do not care. Until their cash dr
  4. I don't know what is funnier. The non-english spam in an english forum, or the fact that ncsoft doesn't give a **** about any of this.
  5. Well. Technically you can remain neutral by never completing the quest that has you join a faction. However, eventually you will find out that the only way to progress through the game is to join one. IN addition, to my knowledge, you cannot join a clan unless you have joined the same faction that the clan is aligned with.
  6. Just buy a Brilliant Key and get your class weapon first try. You can get them on the market, sell gold for Hongmoon Coin and buy from cash shop... I mean come on, all your doing is wasting your own time.
  7. If it is delayed, submit a ticket with support. It happens sometimes, they will check on stuff and make sure you get them.
  8. We know for a fact that guild points reset. The only factor not explicitly stated is whether or not recipes reset. However there is a simple test for this. Get the Viridian secret for a guild (requires low rank to craft of course) then quit the guild. The cost of viridian secrets is super low. Rejoin guild and see if you still have access to secret recipe.
  9. I went ahead and upgraded to pirate. But I also made a true profane just in case. All my bases covered now.
  10. I think what he was saying is "I know it's mean to do it, but I did. Regardless, why complain when you can just switch outfits?" Here is my stand on it: If you put on the outfit you are agreeing that your a target. If a player decides to attack you while your doing dailies/fapping/whatever, you have no one to blame but yourself. Is it mean for a Lv45 to pick on a low level person, sure. That doesn't matter though. Fundamentally, PvP is a choice. You won't get in trouble for doing what you did. If they complain, just ignore them. It happened to me a couple times on my alts, I just
  11. Apparently you don't understand how tough it is to master the faceroll. Novice facerollers are at high risk of emergency room visits to remove stuck keys in their face, get a lot of black-eyes, and suffer chronic headaches. Not to mention the number of keyboards you go through. Before you knock BD, just consider how much endurance and physical training it takes to be able to repeatedly smash your head into a solid object and remain conscious.
  12. That sounds low. But as I said i really dont wanna do the math. did you count the valentines transmutation gem?
  13. You do realize that you could have accepted that outfit on any character and the rank points/premium is account wide? I had no issues gettign the outfits on different characters...
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