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  1. lol he didnt even open the boxes... he just kept spinning...and probably bought all those essences.... xD
  2. This was my male Lyn in CBT. This is my current character: Yxion.
  3. The sword and necklace can only be purchased from the faction npc in misty woods using misty woods insignia. They are untradeable. And there is nothing wrong about what I said. They way they designed the system gives me the option to choose whether or not I want to pvp. I choose not to so I don't wear the faction outfit. It's great. Up until now, I didn't do any of the faction quests, because I didn't care about the faction stuff or pvp. Didn't need to do any of it, so I didn't. Now unfortunately I have to. I got really lucky and a large number of Crimsons the other day
  4. So after getting my weapon to True Siren Lynblade - Stage 5, and my necklace to Awakened SIren Necklace - Stage 5, I came to the unfortunate realization that as a person who doesn't particularly care for, and has avoided participating in, world-pvp that I am now forced to do so to further progress with upgrades. From the very beginning the game allowed me to completely separate PvE from PvP. I enjoy going into arena and trying to win a match occasionally, but as a person who enjoys primarily PvE content I was surprised when I finally got to the current 'endgame' and was faced with the need to
  5. ill send you my skype name in message
  6. I don't suppose you would be willing to screen share on skype? THis would be a lot faster that way. lol
  7. What operating system are you on?
  8. This is a registry issue. Unfortunately some game designers still do not offer an alternate install file path option, however there is a solution: Using Disk Management it is possible to span the c:/ volume across multiple drives. This basically allows you to have one massive C:/ while the data will be on multiple physical drives.
  9. I changed genders. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Oh wait...I am still a male Lyn... ><
  10. I feel kinda bad, because not only did I unlock all my inventory and basic/secondary slots in vault, but as Rank 9 premium I can access my vault from my inventory, anywhere. Even in dungeon. So worth though. ><
  11. Windows 10 has that crap embedded in its core... there is a way to force the utilization of dx9. I don't think it would work on win 10 but with a win 7 or 8 build it should.
  12. 8GB of RAM is more than enough. BnS is only using 1.8GB of ram on my system. THe GPU is also more than enough. It's not a question of improving his performance, it's an issue of stabilizing it.
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