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  1. Event would be nice if the bosses and mobs would drop ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. 90% of time I don't get anthing from the bosses and the mobs are dead or gets taken by long range classes before i can get in a hit. So ye I'am not having fun.
  2. Guessing you still have the hongmoon weapon then if so then as posted above stick to the story, the yellow quest will give you better weapon. And later on a legendary weapon (wish you can lvl up like the hongmoon weapon)
  3. Warden is not weak in pvp, ye sure if u meat someone in a range class who knows what they are doing then it can be a pain to get close but else I say it's fine. May even be alittle Op in some parts. But then again iam in silver class so no idea how it would look if i got into gold
  4. What this game really need its better boob customization and outfit boob correction as some outfit does the same misstake as the customiztion does when u largen the boobs :/
  5. Found one in Moonwater as well in Hogshead Hamlet But she sells different weapon skin then this merchant, so there should be one in ever area yes. just look for a wheel of furtune in "citys/villages"
  6. So as we all know it's impossible to get the weapon from the Golden Deva Wheels of fortune, but the there is a NPC merchant Sujun (Wheel of Furtune) in Yehara's Mirage that sell Golden Deva Illusion Greatsword skin. Now it's not the weapon like the once u get with the Golden Deva essence seeing as it's AP i only 1 but if your only after the skin then it dosent really mader now does it XD.
  7. You just had to have that in the game. Sure it was beautiful made especially with that song but come on. I usually don't cry about things like this but damn i had to work hard to keep the teers in. Ugh still feel like crying :'( Also if anyone can tell me the name of the song I would be very happy, it was good^^
  8. title, been looking but havnt really found anything. So wondering if anyone else have found some korean VP thats up to date or atlest close
  9. Had enough to buy 1 key with hongmoon coin so I thought why not and this is what i got. A usless outfit, as i wouldn't be able to equip it and a Hat. Would be nice if it where locked so that you can't get things that are race locked when it's not ur own race.
  10. So pretty much title I still have the second founder weapon skin i got from the anniversary in it's box and I'am wondering if it would work for Gunslinger??
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