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  1. Hey, hey! Also am a RPer on Mushin. The name is Natsu Noritaka. To anyone responding on this thread and the initial post in Mushin, message me if you're interested in Rping as well. Always great to find people. I'm a male blade dancer.
  2. Just curious. I'm aware that the RP server is unofficially Jiwan, however, considering my guild is in Mushin and I've invested time in friendships via this server, I was wondering if there were any stray RPers in Mushin. If you do RP, or are interested, send me your in game name and I'll whisper you. I'm just pretty tired of grinding, so I thought I'd try something new.
  3. This is my character, Natsu. I'm pretty proud of him. He's either serious or smirking.
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