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  1. NA maintenance on EU servers? @_@

    Of course you did! cause it's true! Dafak you taking money for premium if you can't keep the damn server on!
  2. NA maintenance on EU servers? @_@

    *cricket* you NCsoft! Lol how can you close some servers for maintenance without saying anything and others still up?!?! your're starting to give reasons to believe you're worst then ARC. Don't make that impression or you will have a dead game in max 1 year or less ... Very dissapointing. Saturday at 17:00 server offline. Shame on you!
  3. Hell yea lol i'm from EU and i was playing untill 7 AM in the morning since it's my free day lol. I don't mind the time the maintenance is actually... My only post was against idiocity of some American ppl who think that if it's 4 AM there then it's 4 AM everywhere. I also understand there are many children playing this game and for they the time is pretty crucial since it's middle of week so we assume they have school in the morning and they get to bed around 10-11 PM so the only time they have to play is during the mid-day and it can be upseting to have a maintenance during that time, let's not forget that children are more competitive then we are and they get easily more upset from being kept away from the game during the only time they can actually play. For me it's easy lol i just make some food and watch a movie untill the maintenance is over. The rest of you "adults" should do the same instead of writing 7 pages of bs on a post made by either a child who could do he's homework for ex or an adult who could do so much more then complain on a forum lol.
  4. Now either you're an idiot, either you're IQ is same as the room temperature... not everyone lives in America kid... there are timezones, that means that when it was 4 am on your clock, in Europe it was mid day. Maybe they should do the maintenance during midday in America so you will have time to read a book or learn about what goes around outside this game.