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  1. Yes Summoners are pretty OP.
  2. How can I get higher FPS

    I'm not having any issues either and I'm playing on a laptop. Did you try adjusting graphics via the "Optimize for Combat" button in settings?
  3. Verify Account through email

    Did you check your email, including junk folders..etc.? It should send one after you register.
  4. Not sure if someone mentioned this but if you're using any programs like WTFast or pingzapper..etc. make sure the server you choose is near both the game host and you. Works best by sorting by ping then choosing one that's near the host server and you.
  5. WTFast working greeaat for me. Honestly it's always worked best for me out of all the VPN's I've tried, most drastic reduction in ping.
  6. lvl 50 Cap, when? BM viable?

    BM's are a great class, very fun to but rather difficult. I agree completely that they can be great at pvp but takes a lot more skill and work compared to other classes, and even then that would just maybe put you at an even position. Can't wait for the updates >:D though I still plan on pvping now with my BM.
  7. What vpn issue? I'm using WTFast just fine.
  8. The real WHY summoner is OP

    Summoners are broken right now, obviously people playing them will disagree =P.
  9. BD and BM

    Right as mentioned I am not cap so I do lack some skills but from what I've heard from friends / guild mates current 45 cap they aren't nearly as good as other classes again not to say they can't be great. Again I'll do more testing once I'm 45 to really make a verdict but just based around fighting other BD's and other classes in general that were my level or less I found a lack of cc's. It doesn't matter I guess since getting to level cap isn't too hard. And yeah as a BM you can really slow the match down if you block and stuff, with the exception of assassins who can warp behind your block.
  10. Decent PC but slow performance ?

    Must be sometime in terms of your settings or pc optimizations because I play on medium graphics, on a laptop with a..pretty sh1tty gpu and I get around 40fps average, with your specs which are similar to my brothers, aside from his CPU being the 8350 and his GPU being slightly worse he get's a solid 60 fps on max.
  11. Help! KFM or BM

    It's up to you really. Right now BM is a really difficult class, I don't personally have experience or the knowledge why other than what I have been hearing which is BM gets better at higher levels (specifically level 50). I love my BM personally, my friend who's a FM says he absolutely loves FM. You can try both but I'm sure you'll like either. I hear FM requires a lot of practice / knowledge of your class. BM can be insanely frustrating in PVP - PVE you will love it.
  12. I can't buy NCoin via Paypal

    I got this error a few days ago and just had to try again a couple times and it worked for me. Have you tried another browser?
  13. BD and BM

    Hi I'm a BM main and I can tell you if you're really interested in mastering a class, go with BM. Honestly it's very difficult in most situations regarding pvp though in PVE it's an amazing and fun class. For example my lv 22 (I think) friend and me pvped (I was 32 at the time) and while I won the vast majority of the spar's he could keep me stunlocked or down wayyy more than I could keep him, BM right now lacks a lot of stunlocking capabilities imho. I mean if you read the chat in arena lobbies of people trashing BM's I guess you can get a clue. I'm still sticking with my BM though because I do enjoy the class overall + I hate chibi looking characters and I feel like in the future it will get better. Also not saying they are completely bad, they are not at all it's just you'll have an easier time imho. playing any class, meaning if you were really skilled and practiced a lot with your BM you could still be great at pvp.
  14. Remove Force Masters

    You just need to learn how to play against them. Summoners are way worse than Force Masters. As a Blade Master I can beat summoners through blocking, double 's' to escape ice and counters.
  15. Remove the bid system.

    This bid system is awesome, you get something whether you win or lose. If you want the item bad enough bid for it, if you get outbidd'ed you still get some money for your time.