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  1. Show off your characters!!

    The evil eyes -,.,-
  2. Daily dash

    made my day lol
  3. Ultimate guide to treasure trove gems.

    he said 'i guess' and 'can expect.'
  4. Yes or No? I like seeing many players around showing off their characters while others chitchatting -> more chill. I know they add this function to avoid the que, but I think there wouldn't be que anymore, at least not that long. Some of you played on other servers before, many people usually gather at some places and have fun. I myself enjoy that. Since NA added this function, the feeling of hanging around with friends is somewhat gone. I don't know how to say it, but since AFK timer was added everyone comes online, does dailies, tries to upgrade equipments and goes off... well, the game feels more like a chore after hours at work and school. If everyone agrees on this, hope they add this to the list-to-do. (I know the dev team has many things to do and things like this are so minor) Aight ty for reading and sorry for my bad English.
  5. 'Failed to upload photo'

    what's the point of that? people upload porn stuffs?
  6. 'Failed to upload photo'

    I want to change profile picture but it keeps saying 'Failed to upload photo'. Been weeks already, I ask my friends and all of them having the same problem.
  7. BoT ..bot

    BnS... Botters and Spammers.. jeez jeez.
  8. Marketplace website.

    Ok, so they said marketplace is web based. The first time when I heard this I said 'Great, then I can access marketplace without logging into game'. As well as the character information website, I thought this would be really helpful. But where's the website?
  9. High toxicity

    Here's the formula to make a thread on this forums guys, in case you guys need it. I've just learned it myself. Title: 'Game already dying', 'Ncsoft killing the game', blah bleh bloh... Actual wall of text starts with: - 'I've played this game on other regions...etc' (or just simply saying you're a pro/expert/god/.. who knows how the game should be and the PUBLISHER has to make the game the way you want it to be). - 'I got to diamond in Arena' (just to let everyone know). - 'I played this game that game...' (or just simply say you know alot about games) -> 'that's why for 1000% I know this game would die tomorrow because of what I am going to say below:' Say whatever you want......
  10. Block Spammers

    Hm.... then you might be getting blocked by 2135807348 bots... How? idk, the botter might be bored, has nothing to do. Or he/she also plays the game and gets in drama with someone...
  11. don't feed the troll. Better leave this thread alone and not reply to it xD lol
  12. cat tank nerfed

    Then, i guess.... "Nerf BM please!! Why? COS SUMMONER GOT NERFED FOOL!"
  13. Level 7 Floor Boss Broken

    This makes me remember when ppl cried about content too easy.... xD This is no where near broken lol... not even hard.

    hey folks, don't you think guys who's like the one ^ there make your life a bit easier? lol
  15. Hongmoon Outfits & NC Response

    hm... I wish the prices were even higher, so i wouldn't see many ppl running around wearing the same thing I'm wearing... LOL