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  1. Yes or No? I like seeing many players around showing off their characters while others chitchatting -> more chill. I know they add this function to avoid the que, but I think there wouldn't be que anymore, at least not that long. Some of you played on other servers before, many people usually gather at some places and have fun. I myself enjoy that. Since NA added this function, the feeling of hanging around with friends is somewhat gone. I don't know how to say it, but since AFK timer was added everyone comes online, does dailies, tries to upgrade equipments and goes off... well, th
  2. In a common sense, WoW is a good game, it's already had its own 'brand'. But thing got old and/or people got bored of thing over time. I like BnS because of its art style (not that good in term of graphic, but the art style itself is unique) and the combat system. It's funny hearing people say 'meh, another tab-target MMO' lol
  3. okay, the most handsome male jin ever existed is here lol jk.
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