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  1. Hongmoon points

    Okay bns its been a hot minute ! LOL You are changing things too quick. So uhm as a summoner how many points go where in offence and defence? :O
  2. Suggestion

    I dont live in forums. So theres no need to be a giant prick kthnx :)
  3. Suggestion

    Hey guys I wanted to know your view on getting an Gender Change Voucher going. Cause there currently isn't one available in the shop! So opinions?
  4. Impy's Artsu Shop

    Nope, My server is Poh :3
  5. Impy's Artsu Shop

    :3 More to dooo
  6. Is this pay to win

    Lol Bdo's hair looks like unfinished brush strokes
  7. KFM Guide Needed

    go to and look for a good pve build lol
  8. Just unlock the Warlock already

    I mean i care about warlock.. I main the damn thing I don't really play much cause of this.. So all ive been doing is farming materials and gathering Fodder/gems/everything needed to make me level my warlock fast. :3 Trust me I've bugged Jonathan and Julianne multiple times about it and they aren't budging :3 Soon means soon. Its probably next month or mid April.
  9. Remove Warlock Loot From The Tables

    You are wrong, There are boxed weapons that can be traded/bought on the auction house. -_________- go take a look before you rant.
  10. Remove Warlock Loot From The Tables

    for now you can use them as fodder or save them for when WL comes out :3
  11. Remove Warlock Loot From The Tables

    First off you know a lot of the weapons from the wheel you can buy from the Auction house. secondly, No. They will not. They just saved themselves hours of downtime and patch time by leaving all the warlock weaps in cause in March its coming out.
  12. NA ping in BRAZIL

    No they are getting rid of bots.
  13. It didn't work. RIP Faction chat.

    How about you do it yourself. You want it to change. Talk to em they are people to don't be a spoiled brat.
  14. Racist Rants on Faction Chat

    . - . Trolls.