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  1. I cannot move my camera.

    Anyone else have/solved this problem?
  2. REALLY picky players pt. 2

    I don't really care bout AP I just don't like seeing people with 660 crit damage. I think 1-1.1k should be the minimun.
  3. 2/10 patch nerfs/lag?

    I can fit an extra 3rf after the change.
  4. No Blackwyrm reward

    When you die and respawn you lose progress, you need atleast 5 points to get a box.
  5. Abnormally high ping

    I live on the east coast and have Verizon FiOS 75/75 down/up. I would expect to get 60-80 ms but this is how much I'm getting:
  6. I need Gaunlet glamor!

    Bump :(
  7. I need Gaunlet glamor!

    I can't find a showcase of the gauntlets anywhere. So show me your gauntlet glamour and please post a picture and tell me the name of the gauntlet please. :)
  8. Game is UP!

    But the Twitters said so :(
  9. leveling 37 - 41

    But Zelda is also easy...
  10. Missing hair style?

    Cmon man.
  11. KFM Updates?

    For me power drop wasn't an issue with the 3rf combo but if it is getting removed is other skill getting damage/utility buffs?
  12. Endgame content in next CBTs.

    These betas are meant to fix bugs. For example we couldn't dissemble gems in the first cbt, in the second one we could.
  13. first impressions / review

    Best. Game. Ever. Pre action 7 that is. PvP was so much fun.