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  1. The Trove is a lie, there is no trove

    So you spend 800 dolars in gambling. OK HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, if you doing this, you should know you will be *cricket*ed.
  2. NCSOFT is banned word in chat?

    Sure i get this crap messages many times. But in email, not in chat. Edit: Well, maybe i got some messages in chat, i don't remember, but scam is scam. They are so obvious. Now i know, thanks guys. This realy hurt me soul, i can't type: WTF NCSOFT hamster did again?
  3. NCSOFT is banned word in chat?

    Oh well, so they did this because ppl are stupid. I get it now. Thanks. I did not saw GM scammers, newer, just chat is still full of spam. Usual spam.
  4. Can somebody answer me why? Why company in their own game banned their company name? :D :D :D Now i can't write things like: I love NCSOFT or NCSOFT doing pretty well.
  5. Another nice outfit stuffed into a RNG Box again

    Is funny how you are so mad and still buying rng boxes. Only three words. Your fault crictets.
  6. Suddenly? Ppl complaining about same things since launch and most of them are damn right. Just had tag match with 2 bots in me team and three bots in opponents team. Yep, iam angry right now.
  7. Why so many ppl left BNS ?

    I always waiting for this type of comment: "dont like it, dont play it". Some goose always show up :). I realy like combat system and idea of arena matches. I always will try this game after some time and see what is new and if they fixed something. Did you understand? Did you? Me another note: I realy enjoyed some fights with one man, good man, decent man (was bm). But sadly, large portion of players are toxic kids.
  8. Why so many ppl left BNS ?

    Why? I came back to game after two months, tryied arena. 20 duels, 60% bots, 20% afk players. 20 tag matches. Always bot in me team, 40% three bots in oponents teams and always at least 1 bot in oponent team. Are you realy asking why ppl leaving this game? Come on! PPL leave this game because PVE, grind and RNG are shit and PvP is *cricket*ed up. Another 2 months offline for me. Deal with it all fans. If you want play this game, play, fine for you, but what stupid person can ask why ppl leaving?
  9. October 5th patch

    Is funny see how you hate everybody else :D. More updates please.
  10. When you realise..

    From me expirience waiting times goes from 30sec/10% to minutes in most cases. I call you fanboy how you derisively attacked OP. Judging complain by OP char look... You are funny.
  11. When you realise..

    Well yeah, this game is crap. Arena, battlegrounds and combat systems are and can be awesome. But right now BNS is very bad managed very bad MMO game. I'd like to see this game as arena fighting game with proper servers. Because PvE is so boring, grindy, maindless and shit. Open world PvP non existent. Me 50/8 wearing faction outfit and using random sword. But you can not handle it, right? Go, go go fanboy.
  12. Yep, this was just few points why i quit the game. I don't want do same boring stuff for months before i can get some fun. Looking for another game and me money too. No, serious: You cant expect they resolve one point from yor list or one single point from another players lists. I know, i know, it is not the same , but they dont want to do anything if we (read idiots) still spending money for crappy things. Stop support (edited) and maybe things will go to change. MMO genre is *cricket*ed up. MMOs are players mirrors. Don't be stupid. It is our fault.
  13. Warlock or FM as an alt?

    SSP is piece of crap, like many zones. I was there twice. FPS crap, melee crap. Agree, but i talking about WL and FM, play what you enjoy from them.
  14. Warlock or FM as an alt?

    Play what you enjoy, is sad to see ppl playing class just for power reasons. More powerfull is char you can control. Period...