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  1. So you spend 800 dolars in gambling. OK HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, if you doing this, you should know you will be *cricket*ed.
  2. I always waiting for this type of comment: "dont like it, dont play it". Some goose always show up :). I realy like combat system and idea of arena matches. I always will try this game after some time and see what is new and if they fixed something. Did you understand? Did you? Me another note: I realy enjoyed some fights with one man, good man, decent man (was bm). But sadly, large portion of players are toxic kids.
  3. Why? I came back to game after two months, tryied arena. 20 duels, 60% bots, 20% afk players. 20 tag matches. Always bot in me team, 40% three bots in oponents teams and always at least 1 bot in oponent team. Are you realy asking why ppl leaving this game? Come on! PPL leave this game because PVE, grind and RNG are shit and PvP is *cricket*ed up. Another 2 months offline for me. Deal with it all fans. If you want play this game, play, fine for you, but what stupid person can ask why ppl leaving?
  4. I have 0 ping. Do you realy expect some true numbers from NC?
  5. I think. It is hard work, please be patient in NCSOFT stone age. They do what they can.
  6. Gus, please be nice, they must resolve restart:
  7. Huray, lets go play: Maybe not?...
  8. Sure. Slider customizations rulezzz.
  9. I edit post. I like it, but i dont know if iam normal guy now :D.
  10. Sorry fot that, but this is real City b*i*t*c*h. :D
  11. Finaly :D Tiny tits :D. I dont even know it is possible :D :D.
  12. She is quite grey mouse, but dangerous :P.
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