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  1. Big loss of money-- Customer service mishandled ticket.

    Still waiting.. stress level raising.
  2. Big loss of money-- Customer service mishandled ticket.

    Please-- someone look into this! @Hime
  3. Request# 5192703 I need a Lead GM or someone look into this.
  4. Requesting to have a Lead GM look at my ticket for over one week.

    Hime, Thank you. /bow
  5. Request #4514118 I have requested Lead GM to look into a issue that has hundreds of dollars tied into it-- I get a canned responses that has NOTHING to do with my ticket. It's been going on for a week. Not cool to treat and/or disregard solid customers that spend this much like this-- If I can't get this resolved-- where can I request a refund? I called the phone support and got a answering machine and have not received a call back for over 3 weeks.. no joke.
  6. Customer Support-- Help!

    Well, I don't want to make duplicate tickets-- I think it would be bad if everyone did that. Is 4 days+ Normal for tickets?-- if so, when should I be concerned?
  7. Customer Support-- Help!

    Posting here as I don't want to make a second ticket to confuse things or clog up the system with duplicate tickets.
  8. Customer Support-- Help!

    I have had a ticket in since last week-- I was not able to play this weekend due to it and looks like another night as they didn't reply today either. I had a quick reply from the Lead GM requesting more info-- but since I gave it-- It has just been sitting there. Ticket# 3933482 I know these things can take a little time-- but seeing how quickly I got the first response makes me think there is something wrong and the requested info is not getting to the right Person (The Lead GM that requested it.)
  9. NCSoft Support Hours

    Thank you for the info!-- I have a ticket I put in Friday as well. I noticed this morning the ticket time was 8 hours and not days old anymore. It seems like someone looked at it or something-- but didn't do anything to it-- as the time updated.
  10. NCSoft Support Hours

    a NCSoft reply would be great-- but has anyone here had a ticket serviced on the weekend?
  11. NCSoft Support Hours

    Anyone know if support answers ticket on the weekends?-- or what times during the day? Thanks in advance.
  12. I Really want the Dark Sandstorm back on the store-- I wore it all beta!

    I'm back in!

    BusterCasey, Thank you!