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  1. I kinda side to the op. The exact same thing happen to me with C9 from webzen. I had the same verification code that i never used before and a strong password (randomly generated). Yet, i got hacked and the company didn't care. Left and never looked back. Worst company ever ! If ncsoft is actually ignoring him and not giving the attention required i really should step down on buying nccoins anymore. Any company that cares about its image should do everything possible to return hacked items.... Here i am with my randomly generated passwords and my 2 step verification, wondering if i should re-enable google authenticator . Thanks op for the heads up.
  2. how to fix this??? pls help me

    Its probably related to this: Are you from any of those countries? Your only solution would be what Argonaki said or play on innova (4game) I think is this one: Not really familiar with innova but i'm pretty sure this is the one.
  3. Well since dual boxing is not allowed and pretty much anything related to it is impossible, i need some help. I made a clan and i want to invite my alts in to it. I'll try to level it on my own and do my own thing before i even try inviting or just leave it as a clan just for my alts. not sure what exactly will happen. xD Problem is, i need someone else to help me invite my other characters. I don't see any problem in it and i doubt its against the rules (If it is, appreciate it if someone from the staff can clear it out for me) Pretty much, if you are on Windrest and you are without a clan or you have an alt without a clan, doesn't matter what level you are. I'll invite you give you the rights to invite and all you will have to do is invite a few characters i got . Not sure if it matters but the clan is in Cerulean Order. Faction chat didn't work :( They all are lovely people, i bet !
  4. The fact you cant trade between servers is something completely normal...That should never happen. Other servers have different prices on items, population is different.... I can for example make an account on Windrest buy soulstones at 25s and sell them over at Mushin for 30s each. (Just an example) The 1nc coin price for mail is there just to annoy the free players. This doesn't stop hackers from doing anything. We already know that. What i dislike the most, when every mail you send will cost you x amount of gold. Anyone who likes to farm with more than one character already knows how expensive this can get... We don't have shared wh, we cant dual box so we are stuck with mailing items/gold to our mains. Problem is, delivery costs of this can get really *quote the granny* high...
  5. Never liked mounts and pets in mmo's . Asian mmo's always go over the top and start releasing flying dragons, a huge panda and crap like that. I'd be ok with a horse and things like that (BDO like) but honestly, i'll be fine with none. Pets already got released and wish they never did... x.x Housing on the other hand, i wish the game had it. Maybe make the housing system be something like a dojo. You get to have your own students, you can train them and you can give them quests and things to do . They could do so much with it... Have them do quests for you Train them so you can send them in harder missions for better rewards. Make your own dojo costume just like the guild system. (Take a costume like Infinite Challenge and edit it for example) Go to your dojo and watch them train *_* Maybe even dojo fights for supremacy . npc vs npc :D So many things you can do...
  6. Skypetal Weapons

    Heavy Metal Weapon never looked special... i don't see the disrespect since you already knew how it looked like before you bought the 125$ pack... Like @Firewoulf said, its just like the lvl 1 Hongmoon weapon with a new color scheme and the ribbon at the end of the hilt ... I'm not going to tell apple they screw me because i bought an iphone 6 and now they are selling iphone 6s . Looks like mine but its better, what is wrong with them right?
  7. Q1: Will we ever get Yu Chun's haircut? (The Guard Captain npc) I'd pay a lot more than what the current haircut is worth in ncstore ! Other than the bad voice acting you guys did in this patch. Loving the new update :) I actually enjoy the new quest line a lot more than i did in 1-45. Thank you !
  8. Your translation is TERRIBLE.

    @Sailor Tin Nyanko "I haven't seen the new are though" ... Pretty sure he is talking about 46+ zone. So, please wait and see xD Pretty much everything the npc is saying does not match with the text. Something like, npc is saying : "Free the prisoners and meet me in..." Text is saying "You should free up the prisoners, you can leave them there but...meh..." (Not even close to what the text was actually like but you get the idea) EDIT: Oh and the "Ceban" waiter , the one with the info (Granny inn) . He is changing from male voice to female voice for 1 line...the *cricket* x.x
  9. Your translation is TERRIBLE.

    So true, i don't understand how they could do this... What they say is like a cheap version of what the text is saying. At least change the text to what the character is saying... It feels like i'm watching a movie with a bad subtitle . Can't stand it v.v Add that to the bad voice acting that doesn't match up with the actual character and you've done it! Guess they really want to grab the title of "Worst translation/voice acting" .
  10. Yu Chun's hair, prease gief!

    My thought exactly when Yu Chun approached me. The haircut is amazing :( I wish they would release it ...
  11. Laptop Suggestions

    Can't disagree with this...Not sure how good alienware are, just know they are up there on the gaming laptop list.
  12. I have it on chrome, just after the paypal and credit card. Are you using the main page? Maybe its only possible to buy from it if you bought before using paypal/creditcard (You can read about that in Terms of Purchase just at the bottom of the page you made a picture of it) Its not saying exactly what are the restrictions but there is. Pay safe card is indeed kinda abusive from what i've seen.
  13. Laptop Suggestions

    Gaming laptop user here. The only good suggestions when it comes to gaming is an Alienwere and the ROG series from Asus. The thing about this 2 is the weight. My g74sx is a nightmare to carry in my backpack. Even harder to find the right backpack for it. Anyway on the specs: Like i said, i have an older Asus G74sx and got a ssd for it. I can tell, the game runs pretty smooth considering is just a laptop. Currently the asus i have its dirt cheap(used to be 1k+ when i bought it 4 years ago xD). You can get a better one for 1.000$ from the looks of it. Take this for example: or if you want to invest a bit more, with 1251$ you can have 4gb on your graphic card and an ssd with the 1TB hd Pretty sure you can find them cheaper, i only used newegg because i know this is rather popular among US people. (right?) The only problems i had with the laptop is: 1 button from the mouse looks in a pretty bad shape (it had a rubber above the button and i had to remove it because it was getting stuck) Not using it, so other than how it looks without it, i don't really care.. The way the secondary hdd gets connected is annoying as F*** , some paper thingy with a small pin (i broke mine before i could even use it) Pay attention if you plan on buying one and you won't have any problems. The back of the laptop screen . Its made out of rubber or something like that and over time its starting to get sticky and looks like chewing gum is all over it...Looks horrible. (from what i've seen they stop using this) The started to make noise after 2 years and i couldn't find a replacement on any official stores (turned my head to ebay and bought a 9$ one and runs alright ) Also, it is really hard to change the fan, you have to remove EVERYTHING to reach it, like most important parts. The only easy parts to change/add is the battery, hdd and ram memory Heating problems, not many even with a half broken fan but you have to open and clean it pretty often (every 2 3 months) I'm mostly talking about g74sx here, not sure what changed but even with this problems i still suggest this as a good gaming laptop, if you travel a lot ... ugh... maybe you're better with a normal one, unless you're hitting the gym unlike me and my skinny back bones... If you don't travel, buy a normal pc xD EDIT: I read the post above and if you have to travel and you want to look for a gaming laptop. ROG laptops are the way to go. If you take a 17.4 version you will have to really think about the backpack you gonna use for it. Most of the 17.4 backpacks don't work because Rog series has that filter behind it, making it even bigger. I got one from "Everki" and looks decent but its just a bit too small, i have to shove it in there. Also you have to go for the normal backpacks not the one on 1 shoulder(not sure how to call it) because they are really heavy... Note: You got plenty of versions to choose from. I can help you more on that if you like.
  14. props to Kenshinro for the link
  15. This guy can sometimes be a total jerk...ok most of the time xD But i have to give it to him... loved what he did there ! Before release it was fun to watch bns streams because you actually thought they listen and care but after release it all went downhill. Q1: What you gonna do about x problem Q2: Is level 45 max level? ... Guess what question gets an answer? xD On top of that they make it look like they never even open bns... *Current daily dash is better user experience than the old one* (Do i have to remind you guys how it was when they released it?) *Can we even report in arena?* *Idk...can you?* *Win trading as endahlol said* *server lag is no problem because is not for everyone* On top of that...That blonde girl....what is up with her? Is that one of our community manager? She doesn't know anything about the game. And than there is the question queue...Don't add questions to the queue that they already answered with "we cant answer that yet"...because this is all we get from this streams. "we cant tell you" "not yet" "maybe" "soon" "soooon" "really soon" . Ugh...rant off BDO ninja...please come out sooner