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  1. What? The thread is just fine. Its something else other than complaining .
  2. A costume that looks good on Jin male ? What is this sorcery ? xD
  3. Umm currently i have 40 gold and is not even close to what i had the most. I'm only one person while the clan needs over 10 members to upgrade at lvl 5 (where the 50g requirement is needed) . If all the 10 members donate the gold they get from mushin/24man dungeons they will level up in 1 day. Not including the other mats. Still, you have to understand this is a group requirement and is not suppose to be done in 1 day.
  4. I got the red mask from around 200 runs. I got Dark Sandstorm from 50 runs (40~ solo before i realize i can do it with a pt and don't loose the drop). I got Burning Flames from over 100 runs (thank god i didn't farm for that in particular and it was easier on me) I got Pugilist from 50 runs or close to that Infinite Challenge, over 200 runs...looong 200 runs. I don't have Obsidian Serpent because i don't like it on Jin Male, maybe it looks better on something but Jin male... As you can see, almost all are between 50 and 200. Don't take me wrong but you said 50, so
  5. Ok, so wardrobe should be free right? I guess you can do that ... Make it free like most "costume inventory" in most f2p (We don't count those with none or those that you need to buy cash shop items to make it bigger) . But than again we should remove all the costumes from drops (or at least the good ones and leave a handful of them) and add them to the cash shop JUST LIKE almost every f2p mmorpg out there. Is it that hard to comprehend that wardrobe is the most important part of the membership? I've seen comments like "Wardrobe should be free, wardrobe and queue is the
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